Advent ~ His Coming to Us

The calendar date of Thanksgiving has passed. We’ve put away the harvest decorations and brought out the winter scene. The tree is up, lit and decorated. The Nativity is in place and the candles are ready for their spark. And even though the Thanksgiving weekend is over the season for Thanksgiving is just getting started. … Continue reading

A Thanksgiving of Yesteryear

Tomorrow we gather as family and friends around a table with so much food that we couldn’t possible finish it all in one meal setting. That is one of the many wonderful benefits of the Thanksgiving meal…. Leftovers! Thinking back to my early years, Thanksgiving Day began with the smells of the big bird roasting in the … Continue reading

When we got stuck in the waiting place

We are linking up with Kate over at Five Minute Friday.  She gives the word prompt of the day, we write for five minutes… no over thinking or edit polishing, just free write and link up together to share our words.  If you’d like to join us, click here.  Our word prompt today is:  DWELL GO … Continue reading

When you are weary from this world

Kate and the gang are assembled again for this week’s Five Minute Friday. Kate gives a word prompt and we link up together and share. If you’d like to join us or read other Five Minute Friday’s, click here. Our word prompt today: WEARY GO I have written recently how I have been weary, worn … Continue reading

A Veteran’s Day Thank You

We ate lunch in a new sub shop.  The sandwiches were saucy and our hands were messy by the end of the meal.  As little Matthew and I headed towards the back to wash up, we passed a table with two soldiers.  They were enjoying lunch and sharing conversation. I paused near their table.  “Excuse me… I just … Continue reading