Can we all just hurry up and stay focused? #FMF

Well, this week flew by!  It’s already time again for Five Minute Friday with Kate and the gang.  Here is where Kate gives us a word prompt and we write for 5, no real over-thinking or over-editing… just free-write and link up together at Kate’s place.  If you’d like to join us, click here.  Today’s … Continue reading

When the day begins with a flat tire

It’s Friday and the weekend!  Time for chatting with our friends over at Kate’s place and Five Minute Friday.  (Kate gives the word prompt and we write for Five, linking up over here.)  Join us if you’d like!  Our word prompt today:  QUIET GO: I wake up to a fully scheduled day and flat tire. The phone rings … Continue reading

When We’re Unsure and Afraid of the Dark

Matthew’s night-light went out last night. I was out of replacement bulbs and other night-lights could not be found. I grabbed the one that lit up the hallway and bathroom and placed it in his room with the following instructions. “Here’s the night-light from the bathroom.  If you get up in the night use this little … Continue reading

In All Our Moments…

It’s Friday again and a full week has been lived out here in this household.  It’s all part of the adventure God is working out in us and through upcoming posts it will all play out.  But for now we are simply linking up with Kate and our friends over at Five Minute Friday.  For those … Continue reading

When we’re not happy with where we are

It’s Five Minute Friday with Kate and friends.  Each Friday, Kate gives us a word prompt and we write…it’s like a word-association game.  Then we link-up and share together.  If you’d like to read others or join in yourself, click here.  Our word prompt today is: TIME GO I’m thankful for microwave ovens and stores down the … Continue reading

When You’re Unsure of Your Next Step

Have you ever had uncertainty and nagging questions pounding in your head with no real answer in sight? I have. Where do we go from here? Where will the help come from? Are we going to make it through this? Will we really be better on the other side of this? These questions circled through my … Continue reading