Spending the day in my favorite way

Yesterday I spent the day in my favorite way. I slept in as long as I could (8:20 am), took Matt to his swim lessons, grabbed coffee with Dave and headed home again. Normally coming home would mean jumping on the list of to-do’s and getting on with our day. But yesterday we planned differently. We … Continue reading

When you don’t like the ride you’re on

I’m one who likes to be in control– the planner of the schedule – the writer of the menu. I’m one who doesn’t particularly like “surprises” in the journey. I’m reminded of those amusement park river rafting rides.  The ones where we sit in the large round inner tube with 6 to 8 seats with a wheel in … Continue reading

What June has handed me ~ Month Recap

We have come to the end of another month and time is marching on. To be completely honest, June has been a difficult month. It’s been full of unexpected news, sad news, expected news that makes one sad and reminders from the past I would rather forget. But isn’t that how time is… our days bring … Continue reading

When dreams don’t come true…

As a little girl, I played house, mom and even pastor’s wife. Every day was the same, I made coffee in the morning, served it to my husband and kissed him good-bye as he headed off to work. I had a baby on my hip and one screaming in the high-chair. I would hush the … Continue reading

My friend, He is with you in this boat

I wake to an email that breaks my heart. She tells me her story not because she wants me to solve it but because she needs someone to hear. She needs assurance she’s not alone in this. And friend, you are not alone. The God who knows the beginning from the end knows about this day. … Continue reading

This Summer’s Reading List

Now that school is winding down and the warm days are beckoning us outside I’m finding more time to relax in our backyard and taking in some good reads. I love seeing what others are reading for the summer so I thought I would share my reading list with you.  And in turn, I would … Continue reading

When the adventure ahead is scary

Sitting at the top of the hill, my heart was pounding and I wanted out of the wagon. My brother insisted I stay put and all would be fine. He wouldn’t let go of the handle and he would stop the ride at the bottom of the hill. All I could really do was hold … Continue reading