What Does the Fox Say?

Our dinner time, as a family, is pretty light and conversational.  It’s usually filled with sharing something one of us heard, read or witnessed during the day… be it a book, video, movie, or news of the day, etc.

On one such day this week, my hubby decided to introduce a new song to the family that he had heard at a Chi Alpha karaoke night…which is a blog post in itself.

For me, this song introduction began with listening to the song while the kids stood around Dave’s iPad watching the video; then it moved to hearing it again as I cleaned up the dishes and my children made animal noises as they danced around the kitchen.

After the 3rd or 4th time of just hearing this song, I added my comment of…”What a stupid song!”

Little Matthew reprimanded me: “Mom, that’s a bad word…you shouldn’t say that word.”  {STUPID —  Our “bad word” family standard for young ears.}

Yet my teens pleaded:  “Mom, you gotta watch this…it’s so funny!”

So I paused the clearing of the table to watch this all anticipated video.

I have to admit, I did laugh!

The whole parody on songwriters believing they are singing something all important and full of meaning when it is really just silly nonsense with no real thought-provoking message!  What a hoot!  {And on a side note: I think the singers harmonize and blend well!}

So for the rest of the evening, random shout-outs of “What does the fox say?” followed by coordinated dance moves were heard throughout the Quigley house.

After a few hours, the house quieted; children slept all snug in their beds, and Dave and I headed off to bed as well.

Since little Matthew had taken in a few extra liquids before night-night, I thought it prudent to walk him to the bathroom and have him empty that little bladder one more time before I hit the hay.

As he was doing his business, I reminded him:  “Now remember, Matthew, if you need to go potty again, just get out of bed, come in here and go potty.”

To which, his completely asleep self shouted boisterously:  “What does the fox say?”

Yes… laughter ensued… not just from me but from across the hall where Dave heard it as well.

We joke and laugh because… it was funny!

Yet it illustrates how powerful the mind is:  What we put into our mind plays again and again… even while we’re sleeping.

The mind is an impressionable sort of thing.

How easily we forget that what we allow in, will come out, in some way or other…maybe even in our sleep!

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. ~ Psalm 19:14 (NIV)

12 thoughts on “What Does the Fox Say?

  1. Kind of a spin off of Gangnam style (PSY) but this is funnier! I love it…great story, I can just imagine all your little guys jumping around singing “What does the fox say?” Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor in teaching us the importance of guarding our minds? Thanks for this lighthearted post! ~Zoey


  2. Oh my. So I read this before bed last night and watched the video. I, too, have “What does the fox say” stuck in my head. Loved your comments about what gets in there. I love when I wake up with a praise song going in my head.


  3. I blame Anthony Baker for sharing this and putting this crazy song into my head. But it was also a great introduction to your blog. Sobering advice about the mind and what we put into it. Thank you.


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