Getting back to healthy

For the last 11 days I have been sick!

In all my pride I last posted about how I was caring for all the other family members and keeping them all quarantined and hydrated…. and how in doing this I was keeping the sickness from spreading.

Well in the midst of all that, my now 6 year old had a birthday and I had to postpone his party. On his big day, he kept asking, “When are we going to blow out the candles?” “When are we going to open my presents?” And this mama felt bad because what 6 year old shouldn’t have fun on their birthday? So I took him and Jon out for the afternoon while the invalids rested in their rooms.

That turned out to not be the best thing. Matt and I both came in contact with something and it must have been the same thing because within 48 hours of our outing, we were simultaneously losing our tummies…. him in the toilet and I in the sink next to him.

Thus began my downward ascent into 11 days of not feeling well.

I have struggled with writing and keeping up on this blog. In fact, just having a computer screen open and shining in the room for more than 5 minutes sent laser beams through my eyeballs to awaken another pounding headache.

I am happy to say, I am doing better now.

I headed out a few days ago for some much needed grocery shopping. Emily came with me and that was a good thing or I could still be standing in some lonely aisle mumbling, “Why am I here? …. What am I getting?” Emily graciously took my hand and said, “Floss, mom, we are getting dental floss.”

On another note, the backyard is coming back alive.

I watched this morning as a pair of turtle doves danced through the trees; chasing one another as they flew from one tree to the next. A blue jay perched itself on my back step and showed off the seed he was holding in his beak.

Bird seed is scattered across the snow. Squirrels have discovered the filled feeders and are having a hay-day knocking out as much as they can.


Our ice rink has melted.   It’s depressing to look down on from the upstairs window. It now looks like an abandoned football field with a stadium of snow surrounding it. Many hours of slap-shots and net crashing filled that area just a week ago.

Yet now the seasons are changing and spring is a welcomed friend!

The sun is shining and the clocks have been turned forward.

It’s always at this time of year, the sun is at just the right angle during my dinner prepping time that the sun beams into my kitchen and I’m blinded for 20 minutes each evening. Yet not once do I complain because I’m just so thankful that warm weather is coming and the days are longer and no amount of blinding sunshine is going to bring any complaining from this happy soul.

This blog post really has no point except to just stop in and let you all know I am still alive and kicking. I am feeling better and am back to writing and posting again.

I hope you are all well, healthy and happy!

I have missed you!

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