A Thanksgiving of Yesteryear

Tomorrow we gather as family and friends around a table with so much food that we couldn’t possible finish it all in one meal setting. That is one of the many wonderful benefits of the Thanksgiving meal…. Leftovers!

Thinking back to my early years, Thanksgiving Day began with the smells of the big bird roasting in the oven, potatoes boiling and bread baking.

As kids, we remained in our pajamas, curled up and crowded in around the big RCA box on the floor to take in the Macy’s Day parade.

It was a quiet day with no running errands or rushing about. Every store was closed so there was nothing to be had by venturing out. There was no schedule just a patient waiting for the timer to pop on the turkey.

As the parade passed by on the big screen, the living room floor filled with puzzles and board games. The unrushed hours of the day passed slowly.

The dining room took on a life of its own. Dishes and silverware were placed and everyone squeezed in because there was always room for one more at the table.

With the table overflowing with bounty, hands folded and heads bowed as Dad spoke the blessing.

I remember those days well.

Stories were shared, drumsticks were fought over and mashed potatoes were piled high.

There was no shoving away from the table to rush off and shove others through the crowded mall. Instead there was a lingering around the laid out feast. People picked at whatever was in front of them and funny stories and jokes were shared by all. We relaxed in each other’s company. We took naps, forced on by the turkey we had just consumed!

We weren’t in a hurry to move on to the next holiday but instead basked in the moment of that day… in the spirit of Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow as you sit around the table together. Keep it slow and unhurried. Take in the moments and share laughter. We have few days in our culture that are quiet and slow. We live in a rush and easily forget the sacred of living slow.

Take the day off from grabbing that next big bargain or making others work so that you can steal the deal.

  • Let the unrushed hours go by slowly. Share stories and make memories.
  • Live thankful and enjoy what you already have.
  • Love your people well and cherish their presence with you.

We are a blessed people. Let’s remember and reflect on all He has provided for us.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Have a wonderful holiday!

Blessings ~ Rachel

Jump into the conversation:

  • What are your favorite memories of Thanksgiving’s gone by?
  • How do you slow down the moments and enjoy the day?
  • How will you celebrate the big day tomorrow?

8 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving of Yesteryear

  1. Have a wonderful holiday, Rachel. This marks more change for our family as we will no longer gather in Shenandoah. Blessings all around!


  2. Turkey sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…for the next two or three days. What a wonderful, long-standing tradition! But then my wife decides to invite people over for Thanksgiving and sends them home with leftovers. Sometimes doing the right things can suck the joy right out of tradition, did you know that? 😉

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  3. I’m fortunate to spend Thanksgiving day with my family, and Black Friday with my husband’s family. Both are slow, peaceful days of reconnecting; days filled with lots of love and laughter. I am blessed.

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