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Momma Green~ Peach Rings & Cinnamon Rolls

It’s amazing how the smallest taste, scent or sound can flood the mind with memories. Peach rings and cinnamon rolls do that for me. Cinnamon rolls—the words simply spoken bring memories of mom to the forefront. Mom rolling out the dough, sprinkling cinnamon, and lining up the bread to rise overnight. The aroma of baking … Continue reading

On the Field of Life, You’re Being Cheered!

This week, school began and my life is a crazy mess. Becoming scheduled and organized makes a mess before it turns around to smooth living. It’s a jumble of activities, lists and coordinating agendas. And today, I’m overcome with emotions. Yesterday, I felt inadequate to write.  What words can I say that can even come close … Continue reading

Courage, Loss and Grief ~ Walking the Path Ahead

My mother died today.  Not in the last 24 hour period, but she died today.  It’s been 11 years and I still remember.  Everyone remembers that day of loss, because it’s not just the day our someone died, it’s the day a part of us died.  She died, and with her, a part of me died. Yesterday, my agenda held a … Continue reading