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Rachel’s passion is communicating the love and grace of God through the spoken and written word.  She shares with women of all ages and can tailor her message depending on the event and the focus. She loves encouraging women as they grow through this journey of life together. Rachel has shared in many different venues including conference … Continue reading

Scrolling the smartphone in a small town

Over the past 7 days we’ve been traveling…traveling in places where a wi-fi connection or any kind of connection to the worldwide web is patchy and limited. (Hence the failure of posting this week.) And with this connection failure, a disconnected feeling occurs… What’s happening? … What am I missing? But other great things happen…things we might … Continue reading

A Sweet Treat

The day was hectic.  Answering phone calls, checking off the to-do list and trying to catch up from the busy weekend left me feeling wiped out before the week even began. How was I to fit it all in?  My patience meter ticked down quickly as my frustration level rose.  Nothing insurmountable was plaguing me; just … Continue reading

Eeewww…boy germs!!!

Remember those days of early teen years when the thought of holding hands sent panic through the nervous system. Well, this scenario played out last Sunday evening. {I use this story with permission from daughter involved 🙂 hee hee} Through a series of events, my daughter ended up sitting in the same row as another … Continue reading

A Light in the Dark

It is one of those mornings…my automatic reader is on.  The one where I’m reading one thing yet my mind is somewhere entirely different….drifting in and out of attention. I’m reading the familiar, “You are the light of the world.  A town built on a hill cannot be hidden…” (Matthew 5:14 NIV 2011)  Wait…what…“A town????”  No…that’s suppose … Continue reading