Anyone Else Feel Like They’re Living in a Perpetual Stream of Mondays?

I say this in complete jest but then again maybe not.

I don’t know about you but these last few months and days have been exhausting.

When I began this blog years ago, I titled it “Tripping Over Typeset” because in this life we will trip up. There will be times when we feel like we’re not quite walking steady and strong.  My desire for this place is to be an encouragement for those days and times when we’re not quite getting it right but we’re still working on moving forward.

These last few months have been a lot of tripping up and over.

  • Canceling events and upheaving all things normal
  • Re-orientating everyday life
  • Struggling to find new ways to function
  • Working at holding onto sanity and sanctification in the process of it all

It’s been crazy for sure!

And I haven’t been writing here because in all honesty it was one more thing.

But I’m getting back here and I want you to know I have missed it.

I’ve missed connecting with you.

And writing.  I have missed writing!

But back to this perpetual Monday thing…

Hasn’t this season felt a bit like that?

This last Monday. I woke up early, ready to start a new week.  I was full of vigor and vitality. (I sound like my Dad when I say that!)

First thing off I checked my FitBit and the charge was inching close to nothing. I was planning to walk my 3 mile route but if my steps weren’t going to count did I really want to walk them now?

I decided while my FitBit was charging I’d sit and catch up on emails. But first I’d cook hard-boiled eggs for the week.

With the hard boiled eggs started I went back to my emails, but I didn’t set a timer. You guessed it, I became absorbed in computer work, lost track of time and boiled my eggs for over 20 minutes! — UGH!

Annoyed I grabbed peanut butter instead and headed out for my walk.

The day was not off to a great start. But it can get better, right?  I started down my driveway and searched my phone for morning tunes not looking where I was stepping.

SPLAT!!! My foot landed smackdab in a puddle! — UGH!  I instantly pictured Bill Murray!

See the source image

UGH— again!

KEEP GOING!  I told myself and prayed this Monday would not continue in the same fashion.

But that Monday did have more ups and downs… too many to tell here but seriously… It was a  looonnnggg day!

Here’s my point… that Monday did end.

I made it through the day and a new day began Tuesday.

In this whole crazy season that we’re living, we’re still hitting puddles. We’re still tripping over annoyances, inconveniences, frustrating news and social media posts that I work on ignoring and moving past.  (It’s a process!)

I’m simply here to give you some encouragement.  We’re goin’ make it!

Our God has brought us to this time and place in our days.  We can balk and complain about it or we can say, “Okay, God, in the midst of all this how can I live my best days?  What can I do in this day to honor You?”

I understand it’s easier said than done.

I’ve been there, friend. In fact, even while typing up this post my hubby came in and presented to me another puddle…. KERPLUNK and SPLAT!! Some days it’s perpetual.

Through this time I’ve had days when I’ve been angry and yelled repeatedly, “Can this all just go away??”  But alas it doesn’t… and won’t. So instead we work through it. Learning to manage our pieces and stepping over the Monday puddles instead of plunging into them.

See the source image

These perpetual Mondays will end and we’ll find ourselves looking back on these days thankful they’re over.  Just like we did when our littles were small and we felt we’d never have a full nights sleep again EVER! We made it. We did it and we’ll do it again!

I’m thankful for you, sweet friend!  I’m thankful that even when life is crazy and processing externally here when I’m an internal processor just didn’t work for me, you still showed up and read!  Thank you, sweet friend!

I’d love to hear from you.  How are you managing?  What have you found in this season to encourage you and help you manage?

I’m coming back here and I hope you’ll join me for some encouragement in our tripping over days!

You are loved,

~ Rachel

10 thoughts on “Anyone Else Feel Like They’re Living in a Perpetual Stream of Mondays?

  1. Two points stood out so strongly as I read this Rachel.

    1) “annoyances, inconveniences, frustrating news and social media posts” – – oh, those FB postings and friends on both sides of each issue out there; what to say and whether to say it at all

    2) “working at holding onto sanity and sanctification in the process of it all” – – a simple thing like a young family sharing their lives and their music since the end of March in that same medium of Facebook; a sanctuary every Tuesday evening by myself or with my husband singing old and new songs of our faith (Keith & Kristyn Getty and their 4 girls under 9, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and singing!).

    And there is your writing again. Thank you for including us on your journey. That in itself is an encouragement.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Colleen. 😊. Yes, those little bright spots are so good to hold on to. We need those in our lives. Mine are walking in the mornings, tending my garden and reading a good book with a cup of tea. We’re goin make it! 😉. Much love to you and your family! ❤️


  2. I’m thankful to see your words here Rachel. It’s always a heart deep read when I see what you have written. Thank you.
    The days seem to melt into one another here and that is my struggle but I’m trying to embrace each new day as an opportunity to learn and start fresh

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. Yes, this is for sure a different season where everything just seems a bit offand nothing quite what it once was. Thankful for God’s sovereignty and His faithful hand guiding our lives. Thanks for jumping in and sharing. Blessings ~ RQ ❤️


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