As a little girl, I sat at my small folding table with the matching red chair. I scribbled out stories and taped them to my mom’s dining room wall. I was play-writing and writing for play… whichever way, I just wanted to write.

Getting thoughts down has a way of clearing my mind. If it’s penciled somewhere then it’s now a printed word and no longer just a thought in my head.

My Grandpa Desh was a printer by trade. In the early 1930’s, he built his own print shop, “The Gospel Messenger.” He ran the printing presses for 53 years.

Grandpa Desh with the family & his print shop-

Grandpa Desh with the family & his print shop-“The Gospel Messenger” (My mom is the younger girl in the pic)

I can still hear the thundering noise of the press, the smell of ink and the thrill of watching the roller press over the paper as it left the ink behind. Grandpa was an expert in setting the type. His words and pictures could make a near-perfect image.

Through my young eyes nothing seemed to trip him up. He would move the paper in and out of the press with such little effort.

With my words here, I hope to do the same. The words will not always flow easy and I will ‘trip over the typeset’ many times over. Yet my intention through this journey is to set the type and images in such a way as to bring joy, encouragement and a simple smile to your day.

My family at Grandpa's print shop

All of us at Grandpa’s print shop ~ June 2013

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  1. However, wouldn’t it be nice, every once in a while, to smell the scent of wet ink on paper as we digitally create? I wonder if WordPress could come up with a complimentary air freshener to hang from our computers?


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