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When We Stew Over Words Spoken

When We Stew Over Words Spoken

The words were spoken in passing but now they are on repeat in my head. The words fill my mind and crowd out other thoughts. I play them over and over with the same questions spinning. Why did they say that? What did they mean by that? What did I do wrong? Hurtful words can … Continue reading

Can we go back to twirling on the swing?

Dear friend, Last week, I was chit-chatting with a friend….. I’d love to tell you I do this often but that wouldn’t be true. Sadly, in my adulting days of planning life, running errands, laundry and working, I’ve lost simple time with friends. It’s been slowly eroding away over the years and it somewhat bothers … Continue reading

Happy Independence Day

I echo Matthew’s first words uttered today, “Happy Independence Day!” This ranks in the top 5 holidays for me. I love Christmas because of the significance of the event and because I’m a gift’s person. I love to wrap up and plan special gifts for those I love.  The tree and decorating are always magical along with hot cocoa by the fire. Of course … Continue reading