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Growing in our Knowledge and Faith

It’s Five Minute Friday time and we are linking up with Kate and the gang.  If you’d like to join us, click here.  Our word prompt today is:  GROW GO:   I’ve been away this week at a conference and just returned last night. These times of concentrated emphasis on an area have a way … Continue reading

Cutting Away the Excess

Beneath my kitchen window, I have this one crazy plant that is growing out of control.  Its rambling shoots reach out in different directions and catch my sleeve as I walk by.  My hubby scooted by it the other day and it somehow got ahold and tried to pull him in.  I figured it was time to prune … Continue reading

Breaking the Form – A Season of Growth – Part 2

To say my aloe plant was top heavy and in need of new soil is an understatement. As I pulled the plant away from the pot, I could see roots encompassing and choking out any soil in the pot.  The roots had crowded in and grown against the inside of the pot.  The plant had become root bound–rigid to the form inwhich it was … Continue reading