Just for Fun Friday ~ Going Barefoot

I have a rule in my house and the only reason this rule exists is because my mother enforced the same atrocity upon me so I feel it is my duty to pass the insanity onto the next generation.

That rule of cruelty is :  “No bare feet until May 1st” —I’m not sure why mom set that for the date but May 1st was the hard fast  rule so we keep it up…sorta of like lopping off the end of the ham.

As the years of cleaning bed sheets, floors and carpets increase, my fondness for going barefoot and having those feet deposit dirt throughout the house lessens.

I no longer have “barefoot” feet.  As a child I could walk through the gravelled driveway without any trouble but now I can’t even make it from the patio to the swing without cherry picking my way through the cracked and broken hickory shells.

My daughter, Samantha, has informed me her feet are no longer bare…


I guess she’s right…they are no longer BARE…now if we could just do something about the dirt deposits on the bottom!


Make some of these barefoot sandals for yourself – Top 10 Free Crochet Patterns for Barefoot Sandals

Here’s Samantha’s pattern for her Barefoot Sandal:

Barefoot Sandals (Size F hook)
Chain 8, join with slip stitch. Chain 3, 2 double crochet in loop. {chain 2, 3 double crochet in loop} repeat 4 times. Finish row with slip stitch. Chain 4 skip 2 stitches, sc. {Chain 3 skip 2 stitches single crochet} repeat 8 times. Chain 10*, skip 2 stitches, slip stitch and end. Count 10 stitches to the left of the tied off end. Add yarn then Chain 50*. Skip 7 stitches then slip stitch and tie off. *May be adjusted to fit different feet.

Have some fun on this Friday and enjoy the sunshine!!


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