Five Minute Friday ~ Fight

Five Minute FridayAgain this year, I will be joining up with Lisa Jo Baker for her Five Minute Friday. This is when a group of bloggers get together and write on one word for 5 minutes.  No editing or over thinking just the simple discipline of writing for 5 minutes and seeing what comes about.  If you’d like to join us, click here!  Our word for this week is:  Fight.


I fight to keep my eyes open, scanning the words on the page but really taking nothing in.  My eyelids grow heavy and the words turn to mush in my brain.  So I close the book, shut off the lights and my head hits the pillow with a thud.

I remember nothing until later when my hubby comes to bed and from somewhere in my dreamland I speak out to him, “Happy New Year!” ….which was a few days ago.  Even in the fogginess, I sense something amiss.

I’m awake now and the tossing and turning begins.  1:30 am…2:15 am…3:45 am…is sleep going to return?  My mind fills with ideas and agenda for tomorrow.  I’m fighting for sleep but my mind is battling for clarity.  The last digits seen on the clock 4:25 am.  In this fight for sleep who will win?

Morning comes too soon.  Yet my hubby is good and walks the dog for me.  I sleep a little while longer and then it’s off to fight the day ahead.  As I pour a cup of hazelnut, double-cream, the aroma rises with the steam….ahhh….a first sign of joy.

Joy comes in the morning…and I fight to live it.


7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday ~ Fight

  1. I know your fight so so well. I think there are more night I go without sleep than I do get sleep especially here lately. The battle in my mind just won’t shut off when i need it too.


  2. The 5-minute Friday thing looks interesting, but it is sorta confusing (from the outside looking in). Aside from that, if i took part it would feel like I had once again been coerced into attending a ladies group meeting (welcome, but only sorta).


    • Yeah, I get that! I was confused at first, too. But it makes sense if you go to Lysa’s blog and follow that link.

      I get the thing about the ladies group as well… Yeah, you’re correct…it kinda would be! But you’re still welcome! 🙂


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