Leaving Time ~ Five Minute Friday

Welcome back to Five Minute Friday, where we get a word prompt from Ms. Kate and write for five minutes.  No over thinking, over-editing…just free write for five.  If you would like to join us, you can here. We’d love to have you!

Our word prompt for today: LEAVE


From my kitchen window, I watch as the kids rake the leaves from across the yard. My almost 6’ foot son has now built a pile taller than himself.

Are we ever too old for the leaf pile?

Dave watches from the window as one, then two, followed by three kids pile in.

“I have to go show them how it’s done!” he says as he heads toward the door.

And I watch as their faces light up now that Dad has joined the fun.

My child-at-heart husband takes a runny start and flips himself over and in. He is swallowed up in leaves and comes out the other side.

One by one they try and out do the other.

The sun is setting fast and dinner is waiting on the table. Which one do we choose?

Della, our yellow lab, has joined the excitement and she knocks the pile down with each run through. No one seems to mind. They all laugh together, throwing leaves about and racing through the yard.

I hear the laughter and I know the days are passing quickly.

I’m learning to leave time in my own agenda for the moment that is happening right in front of me.

So today — we can leave dinner….the leaf pile is waiting.


Have a great Friday everyone!  And I hope you all leave some time for fun this weekend.


4 thoughts on “Leaving Time ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Love it, Rachel. Living for the moment and forgetting the schedule – that’s a nail biter, so hard for me! But so worth it to savor those sweet memories – to laugh and have fun together. It’s almost 80 in SoCal today – can you send me some leaves to jump in? 🙂


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