Preparing for His Arrival ~Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday and we are meeting up with Kate Motaung and the gang over at Five Minute Friday.  This is where Kate gives us a word prompt and we all write on that word and that meet up together over here.  You are welcome to come join us there!  Our word prompt for today is:  Prepare


In the craziness of decorating the house, shopping, baking, cutting the tree, mailing cards and wrapping gifts we can become overwhelmed with preparing for the event before we ever get to the event.

How am I preparing for the event of His arrival on the scene?

My daughter flies home today for Christmas break and my heart is bursting with anticipation and excitement.

My house isn’t quite ready for her arrival. The decorations are half done and the rest wait in totes.  The bathrooms aren’t clean and even her bed needs clean sheets.

The preparations aren’t perfect but my heart is all in. 

And even though my house is spilling over with laundry piles and dust accumulation, my heart is ready for a house full of family and being together.

Thankfully, when my daughter comes home she’s not going to run the finger dust check along the furniture edges or inspect the kitchen floor for food debris. She’s just happy to be home.

And when it comes to Christmas and His arrival on the scene, He’s not looking for perfection or for us having it all together. But instead He arrives on the scene of our imperfection and loves us there.

imperfect scene

This whole advent season is waiting in anticipation…waiting for His arrival on the scene.

His arrival means salvation… and an open door of grace.

We don’t have to live perfect or be perfect to have Him come in. He loves us right in the mess of our dust accumulation and our piled laundry.

So in this craziness of preparing for the event of Christmas, let’s not get so caught up in the preparing that we miss inviting Him in.

9 thoughts on “Preparing for His Arrival ~Five Minute Friday

  1. I want to sing and shout, hallelujah because of these lines: We don’t have to live perfect or be perfect to have Him come in. He loves us right in the mess of our dust accumulation and our piled laundry. Thanks for sharing your post on Five Minute Fridday!

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    • Yes, I have been guilty of being a neat freak When we were first married I was pretty tenacious about a clean house. 20 years in and I’ve learned to relax and give the people coming in my attention more than worrying about whether they notice the put-togetherness of my home. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  2. Perfect words…those that really matter, Christ above all, aren’t checking for perfect decorations and a dustless home (as if!). So grateful He meets us right where we are, cluttered hearts and homes in tow! Enjoy every moment with your girl…Merry Christmas!

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