Random Things I’ve Learned this Month


We have come to the end of another month and I can honestly say I think I was in a drug induced coma through more than half of it because I can’t remember where all those days went.

Today we are linking up with Emily Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky with her blog post on what she has learned this last month… a looking back before moving forward!

Below is a list of random things I discovered in this last month and thought I would share them with you. They are in no particular order of time or importance just a simple list of observing moments from these last 31 days.

1. Hitting your humerus bone is not humorous! This one happened to me last night while I was brushing my teeth. Through some not-so-smart maneuvering I smacked my funny bone into my towel rack and sent some nerves into a frenzy, along with giving myself an ugly bruise to mark the incident.  (On a positive note, I guess I can be thankful it won’t be warm this Easter weekend.  That way I won’t feel obligated to wear some cute new spring dress with adorable short sleeves revealing this bruise growing up my humerus. ~ 2 Points for a northeastern cold spring.)

2. These Duck Dynasty men from Louisiana are some amazingly dedicated family men who love their wives, family and God well. While I have been down this month, I have read a few autobiographies by the Duck men and they have quite the stories of love and grace working in their lives.

3.  We should all follow a red bouncing ball – Della, our dog, was as happy as a crazy fan girl when she found her favorite red ball. (It has been frozen in a snow bank for the last 2 ½ months.)  We still have a snow bank around our melted ice rink so now Della carries her ball to the top of the snow bank, lets it go and then pounces on it as it bounces back down the snow bank.  (Of course when I just went outside to take a picture of her doing all this ‘bouncing and pouncing’ she wouldn’t do anything! I think she thought, “I’m not dropping this ball.  I just got it back from months of captivity!”  What a diva.)


4.  I can’t pronounce the word “consonants.” I am teaching Matt the difference between vowels and consonants. Yet the word ‘consonants’ just kind of spins around my tongue and falls out of my mouth. So I’m not really sure what Matt is hearing and how he’s going to end up pronouncing it.

5. We all travel our own road – Writing is a discipline just like many other things in life.  And sometimes I beat myself up for not writing more frequently. I find myself comparing my writing habits to others and looking at all they accomplish.  I think to myself, “Why can’t I be more disciplined and focused like that person?” But then I stop and remember we are not traveling the same road. I must keep in perspective there are other important things in my life that take precedence in my schedule throughout my day… like homeschooling my children and church ministry that happens at unexpected moments. These things are important and it’s a balance to keep them all in perspective. I am learning to have grace with myself and my schedule.  I’m trying to remember not all things I put on my calendar will get done in the crazy timetable I lay out for myself. I’m learning balance through listening, scheduling and better time-management.

6. Some mornings I wake with more of a duty mindset than devotion. It’s the whole discipline of time thing again. The duty list of all that needs to get done starts flying through my mind and I begin checking things off before sitting quietly and letting the Father give me direction for the day and just soak in His word of love and truth to my soul. I can handle my day better when I give moments of devotion before duty.

7. Good friends meet us in bad moments. This past month has been a series of events and sickness morphing from one thing to another through our house. In a moment of complete “I can’t do this!!!” a good friend texted me saying: “We are bringing you dinner.” And all I could say was, “Thank you!” Sometimes in our line of work (ministry) we give out continually and are sometimes shy about receiving from others.  But what a sweet blessing this dinner was to our hearts and tummies! There are times the greater blessing comes from being willing to receive when we have nothing more to give.

Thank you to those many friends and family who blessed us through this month.  Your giving and extra ‘doing’ has been a huge blessing!  Thank you!

What are some things you have learned this month? Feel free to share in the comments below or link up with us over here to share your own list.  We would love to hear from you!

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