A Family Recap of April

Today I am linking up with Emily Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky for this month’s recap along with Inspire Me Monday and Mom 2 Mom.

April was a month of catch-up and ‘get-it-together’… if that ever really happens. It was full and jam-packed, making it hard for me to wrap my mind around all that has happened. Yet here are some simple things I learned, re-learned or just forgot and now want to remember.

  •  Easter seems forever ago but it’s just been 30 days. After a long winter it was great to celebrate newness of life — His Life given and brought back for us. Each Easter brings on new feelings of gratitude and this year was no different. Our “olders” were all away and I sat with just our little one in the Good Friday service. He was so inquisitive and kept asking all kinds of great questions. Towards the end of the service, he sat quietly and drew this picture in reflection of the day. This is such a keeper and a great Truth understood with child-like faith.


  • Every spring our homeschooling group throws a Civil War Ball. There are many things I love about this. One is the fun of creating your own dress-up. There are some moms and young ladies in our group who go all out designing, sewing and putting the whole Civil War Era dress together and I am so proud of them for doing it. They come out with some amazing dresses. But I’m not so much into that because… “Ain’t nobody in this house got time for that.” Instead we shop through a treasure trove of second-hand stores and Thrifty shoppers hunting for something we can add lace, flowers or accessories to and come out looking modest, cute and all around comfortable because “that’s what I’m talking about!”  This year was super fun as Emily and I discovered a local State Farm insurance office that hosts a Prom Dress giveaway. These are dresses given to them and they in turn host a special day of turning their insurance office into a dress shop. It was all-equipped with dresses, mirrors against the wall and shoes lining up alongside. The sweet hostess had cookies and punch for the girls. It was fun and best of all free. Emily picked a pale yellow dress with spaghetti straps. {We know ladies didn’t wear spaghetti straps in the Civil War Era, so we stitched flowers to a ribbon and attached those to her dress. It reminded me of Anne’s dress in Anne of Avonlea.  With the sad news of Gilbert passing away in April, we felt it fitting to remember the movie series in this small way.}
I just love this pic--- it brings out the true spirit in each of them

I just love this pic— it brings out the true spirit in each of them


  • You can throw together a perfect party in 3 hours thanks to Pinterest and the crazy amount of party ideas out there. We had sick stuff in February and March, so we had to keep moving Matt’s 6th Birthday party. With much endured patience by a little boy just wanting his buddies over to play, I vowed we wouldn’t go into another month without this little guy getting his party. We finally pulled it off on April 30th. It was a last-minute pull from behind with my shopping pal, Emily. We left the house at 9:30 AM and had all the fixings for a fabulous Transformer party set up and ready for boy mayhem by 1 PM. It was one for the record books! And now we know it can be done, thanks to Pinterest and all you happy Pinners.



  • It is now officially feeling like spring here in the Northeast and we are all very happy. While I was typing up this post, Matt took in the sunshine outside. He just came in and bestowed on me these beautiful flowers. Receiving dandelions picked by small hands is still and always the best little thing!


These are just some of the sweet moments from our home this month and I want to remember and not forget that these little moments make up our lives.

We are now into May and another busy schedule is ahead. We are in full count down mode of our oldest coming home this Friday for the summer and the house is all a buzz with excitement!

Go ahead and join the conversation:  What happened in your month of April?  Anything fun and wonderful you want to remember?  Share in the comments below.  We would love to hear from you!

5 thoughts on “A Family Recap of April

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely (if busy) month–I love the idea of a Civil War ball–we won’t talk about how many costumes I have (ok, I did make costumes for 9 plays that I directed at the last school I worked at–and they’re all in boxes in my basement because this new job hasn’t really involved theatre). I’ve enjoyed reading about other people’s months, and I’ll definitely do this again at the end of May!


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