How my early morning dream helped my day

Have you ever had one of the dreams that stays with you even after you wake up? Well, I had one!

We were on some kind of traveling trip. Our pastoral staff was altogether and we stopped in a café for some lunch. There were lines and bustling people everywhere. We jumped in line and perused the wall menu for what looked good.

My turn came to order and some hotdogs wrapped in croissant bread… yes you could call them pigs in a blanket but in my dream they were much more elegant. They stood up on end and bell pepper rings were wrapped around the outside. They looked so tasty. My eye appetite pulled me in and I ordered myself one with the works… diced fresh veggies and relish piled high.

Now in my awake conscious state I don’t really prefer hot dogs so in my dream having some gourmet pig in the blanket is a little crazy. That idea alone should have clued me in that this was all some kind of made up fantasy.

I ordered, stepped back from the counter and waited for someone to yell out “order up” for me, but it never came. I watched as more orders were made, called out and handed over to customers.

Our whole pastoral staff received their orders and finished eating while I still waited…. and waited and waited for this gourmet wrapped up veggie explosion of a hotdog.

I finally stepped up to the counter.

“Excuse me… I haven’t received my order.”

“Well, you’ll have to wait. I have other orders.”

“Yes, I understand but I have been waiting 15 minutes for my hotdog and everyone else in my party has gotten their food and they are finished. Other orders have been filled and I was just wondering about my hotdog.”

“Oh, you ordered a hotdog? Well, I think I gave your order to that table over there. You can go over to them and get it from them if you want it!”

“What!!!! I’m not going to some strangers table and request a hotdog from their tray that you as a restaurant gave to them by mistake! I’m not doing that… just make me another hotdog!”

“I’m too busy! Don’t you see that I’m busy here!”

Now with all my so-called “Christian” composure blowing out my ears I headed to my table for my receipt. I stormed back to the counter and slammed my receipt down.

“I want my money back!”

The manager in charge looked surprised, “May I ask why?”

“Yes… yes you may! I ordered a hotdog 20 MINUTES AGO and when I came to ask where it was. One of YOUR EMPLOYEES INFORMED ME she had given it to another and if I wanted it, I MUST GO TO THAT CUSTOMERS TABLE AND ASK FOR IT BACK! THAT’S NOT GOIN’ HAPPEN!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

The manager rolled her eyes and I woke up in a tizzy!

And in my mind I whispered, “Rachel…. was that your best yes response or did you just come unglued?”


Now for those not familiar with Lysa Terkeurst, those are two of her books, The Best Yes and Unglued. Our ladies are going through the Best Yes now and last year we did Unglued.

The Best Yes is about making wise decisions in the midst of endless demands and Unglued is choosing to make wise choices instead of acting out in raw emotions. Two things I obviously didn’t do well in my dream world.

Luckily it was just a dream because who really wants a pig in a blanket wrapped with green bell pepper rings?

We all have moments when outside circumstances get to us and our inside emotions boil over and out onto those around us.

 “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” ~ Proverbs 15:1

When we let our circumstances get the best of us, we lose sight of the important.

So what can we do in those moments when our fuse is lit and it’s burning down quickly?

  • TAKE A DEEP BREATH IN AND SLOWLY LET IT OUT – This doesn’t have to be demonstrative but a slow deep breath in, brings extra oxygen to your body and can calm nerves and anxiety.
  • MENTALLY STEP AWAY FROM THE SITUATION – Slowing ourselves down mentally can help us process with a clearer mind and better evaluate the situation for what it is
  • SPEAK WITH GENTLE WORDS – Choosing gentle words can defuse the situation and snuff out the sizzling fuse — saving us from an explosion that can damage others and ourselves.

Practicing these simple steps can help us in our moments when outside circumstances push our inside buttons.

Breathe deep, step away, speak gently.

Jump into the conversation:

  • What seems to set you off in a heated situation?
  • How can you better defuse the situation?
  • Which of these three steps is hardest for you to do?

Share in the comments below. We learn together as we share together!

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7 thoughts on “How my early morning dream helped my day

  1. I love it!!! Great thought, and wild dream. Isn’t it great when our minds invent extra things for us to get in a “tizzy” over. I’ll never look at another pig in a blanket the same way.

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  2. I have been in a few situations where I allow what was pushing my buttons to push me over the hill and my mouth got involved and what was said was unkind. In those time I have found an, I’m sorry, helps since I cannot take my words back. Walking away helps, asking to pray in a tense moments helps too, asking a question sometimes helps , like do you mean this, did I understand you right. But all in all, walking away before I blow it is the best for me. Great points.


  3. Hi there, Rachel! Unglued helped me so much with these kinds of situations. (“I am NOT a freak out woman!!!!” 🙂 ) Thanks for the reminder here and for your three tips at the end.


  4. I love the simplicity of these steps. All too often, I don’t “breathe deep, step away, speak gently.” Praying God prompts me with these next time. So glad I stopped over today, Rachel. Your words are gifts to me!


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