TEN of My Favorite Things

Here we are at Five Minute Friday with Kate Motaung and the gang! Kate’s daughter is turning 10 this week so she chose the word prompt: TEN. My older kids are past the age of 10 and sweet Matthew is just 6 with his first wiggly tooth. Dave and I have been married for more than double 10 so my mind wandered and I came up with 10 things that are beautiful to me and some of my favorites. They are not in order of importance just order of how they poured out of my head and onto the keyboard.

  • Daisies – A vase full or bunches growing by the roadside or one single stem…. It doesn’t matter I love them any way they come. And as Meg Ryan would say in You’ve Got Mail“Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flowers!”
  • Taking a nap outside – Well, taking a nap anywhere is a beautiful thing but taking one outside is even better! I love the sounds of the outdoors with a breeze blowing and birds singing. (I sound a bit like Snow White except that I don’t love the outdoors that much. I don’t do bugs or sleep outside in the dark so forest abiding doesn’t make my favorites list.) Just a simple nap in my own backyard or on the beach is the thing for me.
  • Rainstorms – I love listening, watching and running through the rain. As a kid these were some of my favorite days. We would run through the gutters along our street and dance in the puddles. I still love a good thunderstorm!
  • Coffee in the morning – Nothing like it… coffee in the morning is a beautiful way to start the day. Which reminds me I should go fill up again. (Pause in this typing time for a refill… I’ll be back!)


  • Our dog, Della – I love this sweet girl. She is a constant friend and behaves 96.3% of time. Part of that not behaving was last night on her final time out to do her business. She decided to bark into the dark and woke up hubby in the process. Not a good choice for her! But truly, we love her!
  • My people – My kids and hubby are my most favorite people on the planet. I love their quirkiness, humor and simply being with them. Any day with them is a good day!
  • Taking photos – I love capturing the small, intricate parts of nature. When I’m stressed I can grab my camera, take a walk, and snap the shutter. There’s something about finding God in His creation that brings perspective back into life. It’s a reminder He’s got this thing under control— simply trust Him.
  • My God – there are just too many words to type about this subject. Yet in the simplest terms, He is the essence of all things good and the Giver of this beautiful life. Having the assurance that He is with me in all things and loves me regardless of all my faults and mistakes is the most beautiful of all things.
  • Reading beautiful words – This is simply soothing to my soul and brings a smile to my face. When I read beautiful words that have been crafted well I stop… reread and sigh… “That’s beautiful!”
  • My dearest and sweetest friend, Dave – Living out my days with my best friend is a wonderful, beautiful gift. This year marks our 21st wedding anniversary and that just seems quite impossible. We’ve been through a lot on this journey… a lot of laughs, many trials and some deep sorrows yet through it all we’ve had each other and that’s a beautiful thing!

us That brings the list to TEN and my time is well past FIVE since I grabbed that coffee in between but this was fun to think about and a good way to start the day! So what about you? What are some of your “life” favorites? Jump into the conversation below and share some with us. I would love to hear from you!

14 thoughts on “TEN of My Favorite Things

  1. Rachel, I had no idea we had so much in common. 🙂 I haven’t been married 21 years yet, but my hubby and I celebrated 19 this year. I love coffee in the morning, and taking photographs brings peace when my soul is troubled. And I love listening to rainstorms too. And of course, I love God and my people too. More than words can say.

    Fun post!


  2. Love your list! Daisies are a great flower. And naps outside in the summer are one of my top ten things too. Visiting from FMF where Im parked in the #10 spot this week.


  3. Such a great list, Rachel. I LOVE daisies too…which you could probably tell from the blog. And love that you love your people…they make life so sweet. Blessings, sweet friend.


  4. Rachel, those are such wonderful things, and as I read one of my favorite things popped into my head, musicals, “These are a few of my favorite things.” Oklahoma, Fiddler on the Roof, My Fair Lady, West Side Story, but I think my all time favorite would be, “South Pacific,” It not only sings so many beautiful songs, I always felt it taught you about how people learn to hate and hopefully, if you pay attention, you learn not too hate. I also love rainstorms and used to take the girls out in their bathing suits to run and play in the puddles. My people mean the world to me, my girls (even when I get angry) my only sister and all my brothers. I love lupines (I am told up here they are weeds) but my girls have a book all about the lupine lady, who spreads the seed everywhere to make the world more beautiful. I still prefer to think of them that way.

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  5. Such a list of beautiful things! I love Daisies. They were my grandmother’s favorite flower. You’ve Got Mail is also one of my favorite movies. Thanks for stopping by my place!


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