Good morning friends!

Just a quick note, if you happen to drop by here…. I’m away!

I’m unwinding, renewing and resting.  I’m taking in words, knitting along and kicking back with the kids and Dave.

So until I get back you are welcome to peruse and read past blog posts…. as always!

And we will catch up when I get back again!

7 thoughts on “Good morning friends!

    • I am knitting a sweater like shrug. I have knitted socks and turning the heel is a killer the first time. I just couldn’t understand it. Then I sat down with an experienced knitter friend and had her walk me / knit me through it. You can try looking it up on YouTube as well. I learn through doing not reading the directions. So the instructions made no sense to me until AFTER I turned the heel and then I said, “oh, that makes sense now!” :). Good luck! :). And again, try googling ” turning the heel knit video ” and see what you can find!


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