A Catch Up and Look Back at October

October is over and I’ve never been so glad to turn the page on the calendar and face a nearly blank slate.

Out of all our busy months in ministry this last month ranks in the Top 10. It was just a continual nonstop race uphill.

I wrote about some of it here.

But a quick synopsis is: Hosting a women’s conference, traveling out of the country, a beautiful wedding out-of-state and a Halloween Outreach. Those events were planned. The other events bringing on the crazy were 5 funerals. That’s the most we’ve ever had in a month and that was a little wearing on the soul. My exhaustion is not even close in magnitude to those who are walking the road of losing their loved one.  In ministry, the journey through and with others from one funeral to the next, to the next can become numbing and jarring all at the same time. It was a difficult month with a lot of emotion, sleep loss and schedule juggling but that’s what we do and that’s how we serve.  We love others through this journey of life and death.

For the last bit of October and beginning of November, this place has laid quiet and that’s okay. I was taking all my free moments to relax, regroup, read and hang with my tribe. I love my people and we were all missing time together so we stayed quiet around here. We even took in some Rook games with a card set from 1943. Dave found the cards at a book sale for 10 cents! SCORE!!!

In October, there is a “Write 31 Days” challenge that happens every October. Bloggers publish for 31 days straight. It’s grueling, exhausting, and as a writer, rewarding! Back in July I began thinking about taking up that challenge this year but every time I tossed the idea around, I kept hearing a resounding, “No.”

On the other side of October now, I am so glad I listened to the Holy Spirit’s urging and passed up the challenge this year.  Trying to accomplish that writing feat would have left me exhausted and wrung out. I would have felt defeated, stressed and irritated. It would not have been a Best Yes decision.

Isn’t it good when we just trust the Father when He says, “No” He knows our future days. Our calendars may say one thing but He knows our reality and what we need. He has the best in mind for us and we can trust Him with the answers to our questions, even when we don’t understand the WHY or NO at the time. TRUST — It’s what I’m learning this year!

Enough of how full my schedule has been. Let’s look at some crazy fun stuff I learned this last month!

  • PONTIAC MONTANA’S HAVE AIR FILTERS BEHIND THE GLOVE BOX – I have to back up a bit and let you know that the blowers in my van have just not been putting out the air flow they used to. I mentioned this to Dave a few months ago and his response was: “They’ve always been like that…  These Pontiac air vents have always been weak.”  So I let it go. But this month, Dave completed some maintenance repairs on the van. He came in at one point and said, “Hey Rach, did you know that Pontiac Montana’s have another set of air filters located behind the glove box in the dashboard? Come take a look!” 

air filter

Yep…. That kind of build-up could cause a little blockage to the airflow!

While taking this picture I was a little nervous something small, grey and rodent-like might just jump out at me but no worries, friends, all is well! The new filters are in and air flow is good!

  •  PEOPLE IN MY HOME LOVE THEIR ICE CREAM – I discovered this little treasure when I went to scoop some ice cream. How sweet is that! It’s a new way to send a message to those you love — Carve your own message in a tub of whipped, frozen cream. It’s a beautiful thing!



  • WHEN YOU HAVE MONEY TO SPEND THERE’S NOTHING TO BUY –  I was reminded of this principle on a recent shopping trip. When you don’t have extra money in the budget you can find all kinds of crazy, cute things to buy but when you have birthday money to splurge on yourself and on anything you’d like, you can’t find anything! That sad affair happened to me this month yet I want you to know I persevered, pushed through the racks and ultimately found some great finds! So carry on, friends! This can be overcome… or you could just save your money for a rainy day… but where’s the fun in that, it’s raining then!

That’s my wrap-up for October. Things are slowing down and there is room to breathe again. We will kick back into gear here and you’ll be seeing more to come.  I’ve missed you, friends, and it’s good to be back!



  • Did you learn something crazy or strange this month?
  • How is your Fall season fairing?
  • And are you ready for all this Christmas merchandise to disappear already?

4 thoughts on “A Catch Up and Look Back at October

  1. I enjoyed this post, Rachel. So glad I took the few minutes to stop and read it! My fall has been busy with selling at 2 craft fairs (3 weeks apart — guess I didn’t plan that one too well!). I just finished up a small batch of Christmas crafts for the second show, which feels very odd when the temps are in the 70s and I feel I should be sipping apple cider while admiring the beautiful autumnal colors. While I’m not ready to be done with the Christmas decorations just yet, I am over the gobs of glitter on everything! Hope your November is a bit slower!


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