Finding a Way out of the Hurried Monday

I have three hickory trees outside my backdoor. The chipmunks are going gangbusters over all the bounty. They chirp out their findings to their friends… and by the sounds of it, one must have just hit the mother-load.

The squirrels are gathering as well. When I let Della out the side door for her morning stroll, she sneaks to the back and tears off towards the unsuspecting squirrels. Yesterday, she chased one up the apple tree which wasn’t very safe for the squirrel since that tree is pretty small. She quickly found another refuge in the thicket close by.

All this ruckus starts our day off to a feeling of scurry and hurry.


At the beginning of a new week our schedules, shopping lists and planning can hurry-scurry us in ways that leave us feeling tired, overdrawn and wiped out even before it begins.

Your calendar blocks may be filled up and your to-do list long yet let me encourage you to breathe deep His Presence and His Peace.

“Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always. Remember the wonders He has done.” Psalm 105:4-5


When we look at our to-do list, our lives can become overwhelming. So today let us choose to look on His goodness.

We can start with thankfulness. Right now think of ONE thing you are thankful for. A simple thank you to God turns our perspective.

Now think of another and then another and the scene before us begins to change.

We remember His goodness and our mindset begins to change. The giving of thanks brings our focus toward all that is good in our lives and reminds us that He is good!


Our Monday might look like a scurry of hustle, bustle and gathering of things around us. Together, let’s take a few moments out for a good Monday Moment.

  • List three things you are thankful to God for.
  • Take five minutes of quietness, breathe deep and ask God for strength to face this day.
  • In your driving and going about your day, watch for the wonder around you and remember all He has done.

Have a wonderful day, friends. I’m praying for God’s peace to surround you and His favor to rest on all you do this day. Have a blessed day!


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12 thoughts on “Finding a Way out of the Hurried Monday

  1. What an important reminder. It is so easy to get pulled in by the busyness in our lives. I am thankful that my calendar looks rather light this week. But I know that is not the case for everyone. Praying that we all remember God’s goodness in the midst of our busy.


    • That is so awesome to hear! I have so enjoyed reading your story on your blog. It’s eye opening! Thank you for jumping in here and sharing how well she is doing! I love hearing that! My mommy heart is dancing right along with you! Big hugs and love to you!


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