Can we all just hurry up and stay focused? #FMF

Five-Minute-Friday-4Well, this week flew by!  It’s already time again for Five Minute Friday with Kate and the gang.  Here is where Kate gives us a word prompt and we write for 5, no real over-thinking or over-editing… just free-write and link up together at Kate’s place.  If you’d like to join us, click here.  Today’s word prompt FOCUS


Have you ever had those days when no one seems to be focused?

My dog can’t even stay focused on what I sent her out to do.  “Hurry up… do your duty…. Stop sniffing around!”

My frustration level often rises because I’m annoyed at others for their lack of “hurry-up and get it done.”

But really it’s because I feel behind and I’m up against a deadline. Their lack of focus and my impatience seems to make it worse!

It’s not necessarily that their speed is any different from the last time but my impatience in the moment snaps out the words… “Just FOCUS…  GET IT DONE…UGH!”

Often it’s my own lack of planning, preparation or patience that makes it an emergency for me… but not necessarily for others.

Here are 3 questions I try to ask myself in those moments of impatience:

  1. Is this really an emergency?
  2. What am I really annoyed about?
  3. How can I calmly help this situation without blowing my top?
Often slowing myself down, taking a deep breath and asking the simple question? “How can I help?” brings about a better response than my huffing, puffing and almost blowing the house down to get people focused.
How about you…
  • How do you handle those moments of impatience? 
  • How do you stay focused and keep others focused as well?
Happy Friday everyone!

25 thoughts on “Can we all just hurry up and stay focused? #FMF

  1. This post actually made me laugh a little with the dog comment but everything is so true. I am the same way about frustration to the point the stepkids say to me “do the yoga breathing” which is one of my favorite phrases. I love these questions to ask ourselves. A great of diffusing a situation that can escalate really fast because of frustration.

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    • Yeah, me too! That’s why I keep catching myself and hoping the more I practice slowing down the more patient I will become and more helpful I’ll become instead of reactive! 🙂 Thanks for jumping in and sharing! Have a great weekend!


  2. Rachel, so true! How many times has something been constituted an emergency by me, but not by others? Your three questions are spot-on. They help gain an accurate perspective, which is always needed.

    You and I are a like in that we get impatient when something is stressing us. it’s so good to take a step back, analyze what and then move forward with a little more grace. I’m still learning that one. 🙂


  3. Thanks Rachel. 12 days of dealing with a kidney stone, its removal, and l-o-n-g, hard recovery has made me a frustrated mama. “How can I help you?” — that’s a phrase I need to add to my vocabulary, quick!


  4. And when the dog wants to sniff and it’s -21 and the wind is blowing? AARGH! But seriously, I know what you mean. When I get all impatient, it’s definintely a me problem (usually me feeling guilty about something not getting done or snappish words that slip out of my mouth).

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  5. I get it about the dog. We have 24.

    My deadline emphasizes the word ‘dead’, and I have learned – not too late – that patience, compassion, and love are more important than anything I have to get done.There are some exceptions…when it’s a matter of livelihood, that does have to trump things, but most of my self-defined ‘musts’ don’t measure up to the need to be kind.

    Sorry if this is fragmented. I’m hurting.

    #2 at FMF, I think. I can’t quite recall right now. Unfocused, I guess.


  6. Hurry up and stay focused (loved this play on words!!!) as this title immediately drew me in and made me “rethink”. I too have (all too often) felt that internal frustration waiting for others, and it has taken me YEARS to finally realize that maybe “hurry up” and “stay focused” simply cannot co-exist. Maybe we can only have one… or the other. Thank you for your perspective, your reminder today, and for giving us all “permission” to choose. On a mission to stay focused!

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  7. Hi, Rachel,

    This: “What am I really annoyed about?” That is such a great question, and I’m learning to ask that too. Your reflection is right on. I’m not always so great at handling those moments. I’m still learning. Usually my irritation is because I’m focused on the wrong things or I just want my way. With my kids, I’ve been trying to ask that question too: is this an emergency? What is behind my annoyance? Usually it’s just them being them and me being me and I need to let it go. Thank you for a great reflection exercise. Blessings! -Christina

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