Checking in with you and our move update

Five-Minute-Friday-4It’s Friday and I’m attempting a Five Minute Friday post but I’m positive it will take longer than that! (I’m typing it out on my phone.)  Our word prompt today is: CHEER

This week, Dave and I closed on our first house.  We moved in officially on Monday and I’m loving our new home!

We moved to the boonies and love it!  One of the drawbacks is that we don’t have our internet hooked up yet.  It it is scheduled to be installed next week so I’m typing this up from my phone.

I feel a bit like Robin Williams in the RV movie… Going outside on the deck for Internet reception and calling my dad from the driveway.  It’s all working out.  And it’s just temporary so it’s all good!

Our life this week has consisted of moving furniture, unpacking boxes and cheering one another on as we knock out another room.

My favorite part of my house is the back deck where I soak in the sunrise and sip my coffee slowly.

Coffee on deck

This is followed by a walk down the lane with these two favorites of mine as we snatch the mail from the end of the drive.

Our lane

I’m enjoying this quiet life because soon enough it will all pick back up again.

Next week the internet comes on and I’ll be back in this space to join you again.  Until then I’ll keep unpacking and loving every moment of this new place of ours.

Happy Friday, friends!

*(So with adding photos and typing on my phone this took about 30 minutes.. . counting our walk down the lane.😉)  Happy weekend all!


13 thoughts on “Checking in with you and our move update

  1. Love the view from the back.!I have a similar view (although it looks back over a hill). But the GREEN! Is so calming.

    Blessings and thanks for popping over to my site today. 🙂
    Sarah ( #FMF

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  2. My back patio is my fave place too. I love reading on my patio in the summer. Can’t wait to hear more about your new home. Being disconnected can be so hard but sometimes I just need to be disconnected. See you back here soon. I’m # 7 this week.

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  3. Wow! What a beautiful green view. And the space!! Congratulations on your new home. I’d say stay offline a little longer and enjoy the peace and quiet!

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    • Thanks Andrew! Tried to leave a comment on your blog but don’t know if it showed up right.
      If not, I want you to know I loved all the movie quotes and other people’s comments cracked me up! Praying for you friend!


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