A Wrap-up on July and Summer Happenings

It’s been awhile since I’ve written here.  In fact, the last post was What I learned in May which seems like a bit of time gone by and here we are catching up on July.

I thought of just jumping in with some random post that was not really related to anything at all.  But that seemed a bit like joining up mid conversation at a party and missing the whole context of what I’m talking about and we’d both feel a little lost. —  You feeling a bit out of the loop and me feeling the need to go back and start again.

Yet that seemed a bit unnecessary because there are some friends that no matter how much time goes by it’s like time doesn’t exist and you pick up right where you are.

I’m not sure where we are in the spectrum but I feel just jumping in would be presumptuous of me so I felt some explaining was in order.

On the home front, what we thought would be a quiet summer has turned into events piled in and on top of each other.

Besides the whole moving into a new house, unpacking, painting and arranging again…

  • We graduated our oldest son from high school
  • Hosted an open house for his grad and another one the following week for our church to come see the new house.
  • Celebrated our oldest turning 20
  • Performed three weddings and three funerals. (It’s almost a movie title but not quite.)
  • Planned, put together, pulled off and cleaned up a week of VBS
  • Had family visit
  • And now… we’re ready for a vacation

We love our new home and are always happy when we actually get quiet hours in it. It’s where good books find us and nap time is tucked away in the hammock hung in the side yard.




Internet has not made it to our house yet which hinders this whole blogging thing and large amounts of others things in my world.  For the hours I get in town for internet time, I’m usually busy catching up on church and ministry items and my time for simply writing or browsing the web are lost in the “have-to’s” of life.  There are emails to be answered, forms to be completed, lessons printed out and pod-casts, video’s downloaded.  I never really noticed how much of what I do is dependent on the internet until it’s not readily available and adjustments need to be made.

And adding to all that… As someone a few years past 29, my eyes can’t handle doing everything on my smart phone. The screen is too small for these tired eyes and it all blurs together so I give up and grab the nearest book instead.

I’ve read quite a few since moving and right now I’m reading “Call the Midwife” memoirs by Jennifer Worth.  I love the show on Netflix and I’m liking the books just as much. I enjoy fiction but my favorite reads are biographies, memoirs, journals and autobiographies — real stories about real people.  Anyone can make up anything, but reading what people have lived, endured and journeyed through… that’s my kind of book. And Mrs. Worth has some beautiful stories and moments from the mid 1900’s.  If you love these kinds of reads, pick it up… it’s good stuff.

Other good stuff on this end of the computer screen is the unpacking and the whole thing of turning this house into a home.

We are still getting settled, and many times it feels I’m just away at a vacation home and will soon return to what I knew before…. but I am not and this is real.  Sometimes I still pinch myself awake.

The unpacking thing is winding down and decorating is beginning.  There are some things still missing like my favorite blue hat that I pull on during those bad hair days or for that quick jaunt to the store.  I’m sure it’s here somewhere tucked away inside a box or thrown into some random closet. I’m hoping it’s found soon because one can only endure so many days without it.

Another item missing was my salt shaker. It was here and then gone again for about 3 weeks.  I unpacked it one day and used it for about a week before it disappeared again and was not to be found.  It wasn’t until we opened a somewhat unused cupboard in the kitchen that we discovered the salt shaker had mistakenly been put there.  It only took us 3 weeks to find it.

We’re still making the huge adjustment of not living right next door to the church. For 18 plus years our next door neighbor was the church building. And now, maybe more than once, we’ve had to drive back to the house (6 miles) and returned again to the church because something has been forgotten. And maybe I had to leave Sunday morning church and return home because I didn’t know I had both sets of keys and my daughter was abandoned at the house with no keys to drive the van.

We are all making adjustments and planning trips is a big one.

We are also hoping the whole internet connection is established soon and that life can move back into its normal mode of 21st Century living with Netflix, Instagram, browsing and all things convenient of being online.

With July now over and my life a bit more settled, I’m planning on getting back to an established blogging schedule.  So drop in, say hello and let me know how you’ve been.  I’ve been missing you!


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6 thoughts on “A Wrap-up on July and Summer Happenings

  1. What a busy time you’ve had! I’m your neighbor at #IntentionalTuesday. I enjoyed reading your post. Hope things settle down a bit as you continue to transition into a new house. Blessings!


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