Sing and Make the World Happy

I am working on kicking my bazooka in gear and getting back into writing more consistently.  I have used up the excuse of moving and setting up house. The Christmas wreath making season is over and so is Easter.  Now it’s time to get back at it.  I am joining the friends over at Kate’s place for Five Minute Friday.  Kate gives us a word prompt. We write for five minutes and link up together. If you would like to read more posts or link up yourself, click here.

Our word prompt today is: SING


A few years ago on a lazy day-off, we headed into Wal-Mart for an errand excursion.  As we crossed the parking lot, Dave announced:

“Okay, family, during our whole time in the store everything we say must be done in song.  We will sing whatever we want to communicate!”

It was the beginning of the weekend so we were up for any kind of gig.

The experience started out pretty innocently, we just sang little words to each other quietly and laughed at the lyrics that came to mind.  It’s tougher than you think and funnier than you imagine.

All was going well until a lady approached us in the aisle.

“Excuse me,” looking straight at me, “Do you know where the notebooks are?”

At that moment I could

  1. Turn and walk away silently… but that would be rude.  She’s looking straight at me.
  2. Break the family oath and speak plainly to her –or–
  3. SING…. sing my own rendition of my “notebook locating suggestion” to her.

I smiled, took a deep breath, pointed my long arm to the right a few aisles over and sang out… “Over there, Over there… the notebooks are over there.”

My daughter held in her laughter and the lady backed away slowly… in the direction of the notebooks.

“Ummm… thanks???” my new friend stuttered.

I continued on in song, waving my hand in her direction and smiling gaily… “Keep going, keep going…”

After our new friend sheepishly turned around.  My daughter burst into laughing tears. “I can’t believe you just did that!” 

And I sang out…”What??? we have to keep singing!… The show must go on!”

It was years ago we sang this adventure but we still remember that day and laugh thinking about that lady and what she must have thought of us!

Crazy or not… I think we inwardly brought a smile to her face.

So no matter where you are or what kind of crazy you face today… add a little joy to your life and sing.  Any song will do!


Happy Friday, friends, have a great weekend!

16 thoughts on “Sing and Make the World Happy

  1. I LOVE your story- I can just imagine the look on the lady’s face! Sometimes I think the world would be better if we did things like this more. Singing makes every situation happier! Visiting from FMF #13.

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  2. Yes! Smiling and singing…isn’t that what Buddy the Elf says are his favorites in the movie Elf? I love seeing you here. We’ve missed you. I’m in the 49 spot this week.

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