Listening to Stories of Life

Happy Friday friends. We are linking up over at Five Minute Friday where we write for 5 minutes on the same word prompt.  If you’d like to join us, click here.  Today’s word prompt: STORY


Last weekend I attended a conference with a good friend. While she was busy working her table and responsibilities, I let myself wander, people watch and chit-chat with others that were sitting alone.

Time… giving others time is an amazing gift.

I thought about this because I am often busy with other duties; running from one task to another and I miss the gift of time with others.  It’s this reminder of time that God seems to keep slowing me down to see the story of others.

  • On a hotel bench she shared her story of caring for her terminally ill parents.
  • During a coffee break, another shared her story of trying out churches but not quite connecting still.
  • Standing in the hall, I heard the stories of reacquainting after years apart.

We all have a story. Our lives are being written as we journey through each day.

There are some chapters of my own story I would love to reread.  I could sit wrapped in a comfy blanket, sip a nice cup of something warm and read my way through earlier life chapters…. our dating days… early married life…. even those last days with my mom on earth.

There are other chapters, however, that I would like to rip out, burn or at least re-write with different choices made and a happier ending for all.

Sadly, life stories can’t be rewritten. They can be redeemed and worked for our good but not rewritten.

Even listening to the stories of my new friends last weekend, I had no solutions to their situations or answers to their questions.  Sometimes there is no answer for the ‘right now’ questions.  I had no fairy dust to sprinkle or magic wand to wave. Instead, I just listened to the chapter they chose to share.

We all have a story.

In a room full of women, each one had a story of their own.

During one of the sessions, I stood in the back and looked out over the crowd…

“God… thank you for caring… thank you for knowing each story… thank you for walking with each one in their story of life.”

He knows the characters, setting and plot line of each one.  He knows how it began and how it will end.

Even when we don’t know how this chapter we are living will end, whether there will be a plot-twist or a happily ever after, we can trust the One who is in each story and knows every detail to the end.  He walks beside us and gives us grace at each turned page.


Happy Friday friends.  I pray you lean into His grace and find His strength for this chapter of your life.

11 thoughts on “Listening to Stories of Life

  1. Good reminder, Rachel. I guess I never really thought that everyone at that conference had a different story, a different need, a different answer to prayer or prayer request. And sometimes I am so caught up in my own situation I forget to look for the needs in others. I’ll try to be better about that….

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    • That’s okay sweet friend! You are there serving in a whole other area that is important to the conference and all those who are participating! Please don’t feel less than for the role you play. You are a blessing to all those there! Thank you friend!


  2. Wonderful prayer – knowing God is writing each chapter of my life…and asking for the strength and grace to lean into it, learn from Him and trust that this chapter will be one that others will want to read (and learn from).

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    • Yes, I love story. It’s my soft spot and my favorite type of reading. I love memoirs. I love hearing other people’s stories and telling stories as well. Thanks for stopping over! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you!

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  3. Rachel, please forgive me for taking so long to visit. It’s been kind of a crazy few weeks. 😉

    Can I just say I love that you had time to just listen to stories? To talk with women and hear of a chapter in their lives . . . that’s a special gift for you and for them. Giving others the gift of time and a listening ear is a genuine gift. It’s so beautiful when we can see how God layered in His love into the chapters already written.

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