The Light Reveals What’s Hidden

My vacuum was dying a dragged out noisy death for a few years and I kept putting off buying a new one because procrastination gets the best of me at times.

I pampered it along hoping to delay its inevitable death!

Well it happened and on the weekend I really needed it.  Guests were coming to stay and people would be camping out on the floor. It had to be clean.

So of course that’s when the high screech sounded and random plastic pieces flew out. The smell of burning rubber filled the air and the out-of-town guests were 30 minutes away.

Dave rescued me by bringing home the church vacuum so I could finish up.

The inevitable vacuum death had come.

Research for a new vacuum commenced and the purchase was made.

It had been so long since a decent vacuum with strong suction power had cleaned my floors that when I brought home my new Shark Rotator Lift-Away, I thought I was in one of those over-exaggerated info commercials.

I emptied the large dust can 5 times just in my living room — YUCK!!!

My carpet gained its color back from its lack-luster, dog-hair matte finish and it was so refreshing to see a fresh, clean carpet!

Besides the amazing suction power this machine pulls, I have another favorite feature.  For the first time in my personal vacuum owning experience, I have a light-up wand.  I love it. I pull that thing out to suction the edges and creases of my stairs and I can see every little dark corner I missed before.

I relayed my excitement to Dave:  “Look! Our stairs are so clean!”

It was amazing.

But today when I was vacuuming, the sunlight shone across the floor.

“Ugh… I’ve been sitting on this? Yuck!!”

It didn’t look that dirty on the surface but with the right angle of light shining on it, the hair and dirt were clearly visible.

The light shining on my dirt revealed what was really there.

We don’t always like to know what is really there, do we?

Having the Light shine on our hidden places is not always pleasant.

But this is what my wand-lit vacuum taught me:

Even though it’s not always pleasant, seeing how things really are gives us a chance to do something about it.

I like to believe I have it all together.

My put together surface shows off my best self and I think I look pretty good and clean.

But I have learned that no matter how much I portray to others that I’ve got it all together, the Holy Spirit gently points out an area that needs some attention.

His Light shines into those places I think I have covered up pretty well. And with that Light, I can see what needs to change.

  • Sometimes it’s my attitude towards another.
  • Sometimes it’s a harsh word I spit out in a moment of frustration and I need to apologize.
  • Sometimes it’s a bit of bitterness I have towards another and I need to forgive.

I always have a choice in what I’m going to do about it.

  • I can ignore it while thinking, “Nobody really sees that area tucked away in the corner!”
  • Or I can do something about it.

I’ve learned if I choose to ignore that light wand of revelation the nagging voice in my head knows it’s still there. Sure, I can push it away and ignore it until I’ve silenced it. But deep down, I know it’s still there. Just like I know each time I walk up the dirty stairs that they really do need to be cleaned.

Putting it off doesn’t help us.

It’s best to deal with it when it’s right there in front of us.

When the Light shines on those areas we can choose to do something about it and take care of it.

We can make the changes…we can have the tough conversations…forgive… ask for forgiveness… set things right and then move on.

At one time you were in the dark. But now you are in the light because of what the Lord has done. Live like children of the light. The light produces what is completely good, right and true. Find out what pleases the Lord.

Have nothing to do with the acts of darkness. They don’t produce anything good. But everything the light shines on can be seen. Light makes everything clear.

So be careful how you live. Do not live like people who aren’t wise. Live like people who are wise. Make the most of every opportunity.

Ephesians 5:8-16 (NIRV)

You know it felt good to know my floor was really clean. It was good to know I wasn’t covering anything up or ignoring the dirt… even the dirt I couldn’t directly see. I had taken care of the situation.

In the same way, our hearts and minds can be at rest when we have done what is right. We’ve let go of bitterness, we’ve cleared the air in relationships and we no longer have that something we’ve ignored hanging over our heads.  Communication has happened and our dirt is cleaned up.

Light shining on our situation brings a whole new perspective.

Let’s make the most of the opportunity and clear away the mess.

Have a great day, friends!

~ Rachel


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