When I Race Like a Rabbit and End Up Behind

We’re only 9 days into this new year but I feel like 2020 started at least 3 weeks ago. Christmas is packed away and everyone is back to school and their own schedules. Things are being accomplished yet I feel the days on the calendar are moving at turtle speed or maybe it’s just me.

The slow pace has tempted me to feel behind but then I thought, “Behind what and behind who?”

The last months of 2019 were full — Extra full with packed calendar days along with life that needed attention. I felt like the rabbit running full speed but then collapsing before the year’s finish line.

When it came to my writing here I felt behind.  A few times I felt guilty and torn over what to do. The experts will tell you blogs need to be consistent and real writers write. So my own standard of finishing well, along with the whispers from the experts, pulled at my conscience. My need for a break seemed “extra” and my own perfectionist tendencies told me I was further behind.

This last week I listened to a great podcast by Emily P. Freeman entitled, “Walk at Your Own Pace”.
A great quote I’m pinning from this is:

“When it comes to creativity, personal development, spiritual formation and life with God, your pace is your pace. There’s no such thing as behind.” ~Emily P. Freeman

Our culture tells us to run fast without stopping or be left behind but I’m learning to move at my own pace.

Moving at your own pace doesn’t mean lazy.

  • It’s understanding your season, your ambitions and what it takes to get you there.
  • It’s focus and determination in achieving what you’re going after.
  • It’s determining priorities and what’s important to you and your life in the season you’re living right now.

Do I still have goals? Yep! —And some of them are pretty ginormous! They are hairy, big and filled with a whole lot of challenge. AND there will be a whole lot of satisfaction as I check them off with ACCOMPLISHED!!!

But this is the thing. We can’t reach those goals when we’re moving at the wrong pace.

We are surrounded by schedules, people and agendas pulling for our attention. We can be yanked in so many directions that we can’t make movement toward where we want to go because our energy is used in simply staying upright and on our own two feet.

If you are feeling this way, I encourage you to take a break.

  • Be still and listen –  Listen to the rhythms of your life. Listen to those important to you. Listen to God and the pace He has for you.
  • Re-evaluate what’s needed – Not everything on our to-do list is needed in every season. Evaluate what needs to be set aside and what needs to be picked up?
  • Walk with intentional rhythm – This will look different for all of us. For some, it will be intentional focus, others intentional relationship building, still others intentional rest. Whatever your season needs, be intentional.

In our rush to accomplish more we can miss the good in this season.

It’s not about racing at high speed only to quit from exhaustion and not finish the race. Nor is it hanging out with no agenda or schedule and meandering through life with no direction or plan. Instead it’s walking with an intentional pace and the rhythm of grace He provides.

We’re in a new year with new schedules and new goals. Let’s not miss what’s good for this season by walking out of rhythm and out of pace. Instead let’s listen, evaluate and fill our days with intentional steps at a pace right for us.

You are loved, friends ~

~ Rachel

*** If there is an area you would like prayer, drop me a comment or message. I would love to walk with you and be an encouragement to you!

6 thoughts on “When I Race Like a Rabbit and End Up Behind

  1. New Year’s greetings, Rachel! This is such a wonderful and timely word. Thank you! While I was reading this, I pictured a large industrial machine with many gears. The smaller gears move faster in relationship to the larger ones, but each carries out the specific function required to create. The balancing act of knowing the different speeds for each of our responsibilities and commitments lay in the surrendering of our schedule to God and not taking on too much at once, and certainly not all of the time. Some of our commitments will require swift action, and others will certainly dictate a “turtle’s pace.” A well oiled machine with many gears, cogs and sprockets, much like a spirit-filled obedient walk, will produce things of beauty and value. Find your rhythm and crawl, walk, run, sprint in obedience to the Maker of every good and perfect thing. (James 1:17).

    I love and yet am challenged by your terminology “intentional steps at a pace right for us.”

    Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”

    Richest blessings in 2020, my friend!
    Thanks again for your words of wisdom!

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    • So good, Tina! I love this part, “The balancing act of knowing the different speeds for each responsibility”. That is so important in laying out our schedules and plans. At times we take on too much and other times we don’t step forward in faith for where He’s calling us. It takes discernment and us listening and yielding to the Holy Spirit in our lives.
      Thank you for jumping in and sharing! It’s always good to hear from you! ❤️😁


  2. I love this reminder! Went to a workshop yesterday on Ayurvedic practices and one was recognizing when we have too much “wind”–too much motion and activity in our lives. It actually throws us physically off balance. It’s all about, as you say, learning to respect our own pace and needs.

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    • Yes! That is what I’m learning that if I have too much going on I do many things but not many things well. 😐. I so believe having too much going on (“wind”) does throw us off balance even physically! Thanks for jumping in! 😁

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