Finding Beauty in a Cloud-Covered Sky

We’re beginning another grey and cloud-covered day here.

My little corner of the world ranks just above Seattle for sunny days in a year. We sit at 155 sunny days and Seattle averages 152. That means close to half the days in my world are overcast and cloudy. Rain, snow, sleet or hail falls an average of 159 days in my calendar year. That’s four more days than Seattle’s 155 days. That’s a bit depressing. I’m not a huge fan of winter but I am a huge fan of my hubby, so where he lives, I live. And that’s why we live where we live.

(You didn’t know you were coming for a download of information about cloudy vs. sunny days in your corner of the world, but stick with me, friends!)

This is where we can gain some perspective.

The sky hanging over us can effect our mood but need not rule our day.

Yesterday I was feeling it and wondering how many more days of white stuff and cloudy days we were going to endure before I can hang my hammock or sit on my deck with the sun warming my back.

Last night I went to bed thinking, “Tomorrow is a new day and maybe we’ll see the sun!” Yet this morning I woke to cloud cover and fresh fallen snow.

My initial reaction was “Ugh!”  But as I stepped out on the porch to care for the animals, beauty was all around.

Even though the sun is clouded over there is beauty to be found.

Today you may have sun or clouds.  There may be mud and muck or fresh fallen snow. There may be cold, bitter winds or no wind at all.

Whatever you face and whatever hangs over you in the sky, I pray you find beauty. May your day be sprinkled with joy and moments of peace. May you see small wonders in these hours of your day!

Let the heavens be full of joy. Let the earth be glad. Let the ocean and everything in it roar. Let the fields and everything in them be glad. Let all the trees in the forest sing for joy. Let all creation be full of joy in front of the Lord… ~ Psalm 96: 11-13 (NIRV)

Let us look for and find joy in our today!

What’s your view today?  (Feel free to share a pic in the comments below!)

Have a great week, friends!

~ Rachel 

2 thoughts on “Finding Beauty in a Cloud-Covered Sky

  1. I was feeling this way today as we got our first snow this year at the beginning of November and we still have lots and more promised this weekend.
    However I have several photos from past years since we moved here 8 years ago when we have had lots more and the spring did come and we love our life here in Orillia. I would not trade it God is good

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    • That is so true. We lose perspective in the day to day and forget that the sun still shines and spring always comes! And yes, God is so good! I felt that today as I stepped out into the beauty of the day! Thanks for jumping in and sharing! Blessings! ❤️


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