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Hold Fast To Him ~ Making It Monday {on Tuesday}

Why a “Making-It-Monday” post on Tuesday? It was all arranged in my head.  I just needed time sitting at the computer and punching it out and then….ministry happened and friends called, my closet collapsed (a different blog story) and the Seahawks won.  So here’s our Making-It-Monday encouragement on Tuesday…and really for the whole week-long! Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Our Little Ones in His Hands ~Making It Monday

I’m typing this post on my iPad; sitting on the floor in a dorm room in the dark. Why?…you ask.  Samantha is still sleeping and this mama doesn’t want to disturb her little girl.  Even though it’s almost 11 am, New York time; it’s only 7:53 am here in Seattle and it’s Sunday morning and she … Continue reading

A Place of Calm ~ Making It Monday

When our days seem tumultuous and our schedules rage wild… When the waves of life crash and we sputter and splash through worry and fear… Lead us, Lord, to a place of calm. Your Word is our refuge and strength. And when we find You there, our minds are calm and our souls find rest. Psalm 46:10 ~ Be still and know … Continue reading