Our Little Ones in His Hands ~Making It Monday

I’m typing this post on my iPad; sitting on the floor in a dorm room in the dark.

Why?…you ask.  Samantha is still sleeping and this mama doesn’t want to disturb her little girl.  Even though it’s almost 11 am, New York time; it’s only 7:53 am here in Seattle and it’s Sunday morning and she doesn’t have to get up yet.

I’m in a new phase in my life and it’s taking some REAL adjustment.  I’m not really liking the idea of having my girl on the other side of the country from me.  I’m still processing and will be for a l-o-n-g while.

So after many tears falling, (Yes, I’m a crier!)…I was sitting down on the waterfront last night and this was the encouragement I received from our amazing Heavenly Father.

“Whether in the east or in the west, whether north or south…I am watching her.  I will be with her!”


And as I watched the sun go down in this western sky, my mind traveled to the rest of our family in the east.  And I quietly whispered, “From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same, the Lord’s name is to be praised.” (Psalm 113:3)

So this Making-It-Monday encouragement, parents….

Wherever our little one’s go, Our BIG God goes with them!

From east to west, from dawn to dusk, keep lifting all your praises to God! ~ Psalm 113:3 (The Message)

5 thoughts on “Our Little Ones in His Hands ~Making It Monday

  1. Thank you for sharing that encouragement Rachel. We know the feeling well having seen three leave, with one to go this summer and one left after that. The feeling never goes away. Our three eldest are all married, two with children. One lives 250 miles away, one 200 miles, and the other who is local is about to move 70 miles away meaning less contact with our grandson.

    We still hate it when the kids leave after a visit, regardless of their ages! But we have never stopped parenting any of them. While we feel blessed that God has entrusted so much to us in giving us five children, we also take heart from the fact that He parents with us, sharing the load, and always, always watching over them.


    • Aaahhh….Thank you David for that encouragement to me. I like the thought of Him parenting with us. Yes, I’m thinking this will be hard each time which doesn’t make this any easier but the assurance of Him watching out for them when I can’t brings me courage to face this part of the journey. Thank you!


  2. This very thing is something I am all too familiar with, although it looks differt in my house. Knowing that GOD is bigger and always with your children and your self helps put you at peace. learning how strong your children are and what they can accomplish, amazing and the fruit of some of your labor priceless. Sam couldn’t be at the place she is without the roots and wings she received from Dave and yourself. Knowing they always think of home being the place you are is most comforting, I always thought in terms of house for my daughter it is not a place where I am is home. And having good friends that understand this is very helpful. Thanks for your blogs and know you have extra feet stepping with you and praying for you.


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