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When Things Don’t Go as Planned

When Things Don’t Go as Planned

Last week I was working on getting back to a normally scheduled program. But what does that even look like? With all our good intentions life still happens and instead of it falling into place we find it falling all over the place. I’m rereading the book, Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie. The subtitle … Continue reading

Kicking It Into Gear

Kicking It Into Gear

It wasn’t my intent to stay away so long. Yet I also know if I’m not intentional about doing something, than that something doesn’t get done. And that’s where my writing has been. When I thought about sitting down and plunking out words my thoughts would take over and I’d talk myself out of it saying, … Continue reading

Getting Over My Grumpies

*** I was scrolling through document files on my computer last night when I came across this little nugget from a few years back that I never posted. Even though Matt is older now and our world looks different from then, the sentiment of this post still carries through for today.  I share it with … Continue reading

Confessions of a Messed-up Blogger

  I was chit-chatting with some girlfriends about mom transitions and the whole idea of homeschooling toddlers and teenagers at the same time and surviving all those years in-between. I brought up the topic of “blogs” and how there’s some great information, tips and ideas out there in the blogosphere. My friend responded, “Yeah, I get that… but … Continue reading

There’s No Place Like Home

Home again, home again, jiggity jig….and all Matt can say is:  “Mom, I love it when you’re always home!” Dave is liking me home, too!  Now, he has someone to bring him coffee and make hot cinnamon raisin toast in the morning.  (And yes, he likes me for more reasons than that… like dishes and laundry! 🙂 … Continue reading

Our Little Ones in His Hands ~Making It Monday

I’m typing this post on my iPad; sitting on the floor in a dorm room in the dark. Why?…you ask.  Samantha is still sleeping and this mama doesn’t want to disturb her little girl.  Even though it’s almost 11 am, New York time; it’s only 7:53 am here in Seattle and it’s Sunday morning and she … Continue reading