Confessions of a Messed-up Blogger



I was chit-chatting with some girlfriends about mom transitions and the whole idea of homeschooling toddlers and teenagers at the same time and surviving all those years in-between.

I brought up the topic of “blogs” and how there’s some great information, tips and ideas out there in the blogosphere.

My friend responded, “Yeah, I get that… but sometimes I’m just overwhelmed by the “perfectness” of the bloggers world.  They have perfectly performed science experiments with enthusiastic and fully engaged children as learners.  They feed them well-balanced, healthy lunches prepared the night before…” and so on and so on.

I laughed at the realization that yes, we portray segments of our lives but not the whole of our lives….picking and choosing our words, framing them to make sense.

My friend went on to say, “Yeah, if I had a blog, it would read something like this…

For lunch, I fed my kids hydrogenated peanut butter on cheap white bread.  I slathered on jelly from the store…no homemade jam for us….ain’t nobody got time for that!

So in case there’s someone out there who has this insane idea that this blogger’s life is amazingly perfect and that I have it all together, I thought I’d just confess… I don’t! I am so imperfect in so many ways.

  • When unexpected company arrives and my counter is piled high with dirty dishes, I used to pack them away quickly into the oven….now I just leave them.
  • My kids have gone to bed without brushing their teeth because I’m too tired to nag them about it.
  • I can’t tell you the last time I mopped my kitchen floor.
  • Lego’s are scattered throughout EVERY room of our house. (Yes, even the bathrooms.)
  • If my hubby’s clean dress shirts stay in the laundry basket too long, instead of ironing them I just re-wash and dry them all over again.
  • I spit-wash my kids on the way to church, restaurants… whenever necessary. (And they love that I just confessed that little fact.)
  • I have fed my family 3-year-old leftover turkey that was buried in the freezer… we then threw it away and went out to eat.
  • If you come to my house and the laundry room door is closed, leave it closed….it’s best for everyone!

This blogger’s world is not perfect and I never want to give the illusion that I have it all together…because I don’t.  I have many messy days, imperfect moments and some days I’m just ugly towards my family….something I’m not really proud of!

This blogosphere world might seem magical and altogether perfect but it’s not and I think most blogger friends are not trying to show themselves as perfect, but instead are striving to be helpful and encouraging as we grow and learn through this journey of life… without having to show all our ugly sides along the way.

And that’s why I say, I’m Tripping Over Typeset.  I trip over my own thoughts and words while trying to get them in some form or fashion that makes sense without sounding like I’m rambling on….sort of like this.

That’s my confession.  I’m not perfect and I don’t have it all together.  My life is messy and my house is messier still.  So let’s just journey together.  Messed up… loved… and covered in grace. {Thank you, Jesus!}


11 thoughts on “Confessions of a Messed-up Blogger

  1. We always say that our house is ‘lived in.’

    But we do have a challenge on this weekend as our eldest, his wife and our grandson are coming to stay next week. That means every bedroom will be occupied. So what are we supposed to do with all the junk that is stacked up in the spare rooms? Marilyn is meditating on that problem at this moment!


    • I find those under the bed boxes to be great storage units for “stuff”…just don’t pile it so high that you lift the bed off the floor! 🙂 Hope that helps…but probably doesn’t! Good luck, Marilyn! 🙂


  2. You know it is a transformation process to get to this point that makes you even more appealing. Although, i don’t want to be happy someone else is imperfect so I have to catch myself when I read the ‘real’ in people’s lives. Ultimately, I need to come to the place where I am free to be ok with me. I have a book in my head that has been waiting to be penned for years now, “True Confessions of a Homeschool Mom”, but I am afraid I may scare some people away. 🙂 ha! In reality, we all need to be willing to be real because it is here that we can truly minister to each other’s heart and do that praying in James 5:16 that we are called to do in order for healing and wholeness to come.
    Bless you, Rachel!


    • Yes, it is a transformation process God is working out in me and it’s not always fun being real….I like to be seen as having it together but in all reality and realness…I really don’t….so yes, it’s a work in transforming me…humbling but good! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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