A Look Back on 2014

By the time Christmas is over and all the clean-up is done from the holidays, I’m really ready to start again and get life back to a normal routine.

While preparing for next year, I was looking back through this past year and reading through the journey of this blog.

I was thinking of sharing the links to the most read blog entries from this year but as I was reading through them, I decided instead to share with you some of my personal favorites.

They may not have been the highest views but they hold special meaning for me.

I invite you to read them through by clicking on the titles below to follow the links and read some of my picks for the year.

A Light in the Dark

Confessions of a Messed-Up Blogger

When Mother’s Day is Hard

Remaining Connected

Courage, Loss and Grief ~ Walking the Path Ahead

And because we do a lot of Five Minute Friday’s here, I thought I would throw one into the list.  I picked this one because I remember this moment so well ~ Stretching to Be Long ~ Five Minute Friday

Looking back through this last year of blogging has spurred on some great ideas for this new year and I’m excited to get it started!

I hope you continue to journey with me as I trip over my own thoughts and words at times but still learn to walk in grace together!


Wishing you all a Happy New Year from our family to yours!

~ Rachel



4 thoughts on “A Look Back on 2014

  1. Wishing your and yours a very Happy New Year. I have been cleaning drawers and hoping to find some empty spaces. I will go through the closet too, but for today I will be happy with what I got rid of. Making now resolutions, however going to make some suttle changes. I guess it is like eating an elephant. One bite at a time.

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