Stretching to Be Long ~ Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday Today, we are joining up with Five-Minute-Friday, where we write on a one word prompt for 5 minutes. Today’s word prompt is: BELONG.

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“Mommy, can I be long here?”

I was curled up on the one end of the couch I call my own in the morning hours. My coffee in hand and my pen in the other, my knees curled up and my journal resting with thoughts scribbled out and moments jotted down.

I look down to the other end of the red couch and there he lies all stretched out.

“See how long I am?”

“Yes, Matt-ey, you are getting so long!!”

“I can reach from here to here.” as he points his toes into mine.

He’s so proud to be growing big and I’m proud as well.

We’re now in the fun stage where A’s, B’s, and C’s just aren’t letters but they make sounds and form words…words to be sounded out and read on the page.

We’re in the days when there’s something new to discover each day…a baby toad jumping across the gravel and worms under the wood.

Every day holds adventure. Every day is play.

He leaves his laying-out-long and comes to my end of the couch.

“Mom, can I be here?”


It’s my turn to uncurl legs and be long. I stretch out and make room on my lap for this little guy growing big.

Together we curl up on my end of the couch, I slow down to his pace and cradle him in with arms wrapped tight.

The coffee waits and the pen gets put away because right now something else belongs here on my lap…some one who stretches out long and reaches right into my heart.


Encouraging you to stretch-out-long this weekend and spend some time belonging with those you love.  Happy Friday, everyone!


18 thoughts on “Stretching to Be Long ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. I love this! this line grabbed my heart: “some one who stretches out long and reaches right into my heart.” Your words have such beautiful imagery… Thank you for sharing your gift here.


  2. love this. Love how you took this word and stretched it. so much to take from it…especially about filling space and growing into our new growth spurts. love your little man getting bigger and wanting to show you his accomplishments


  3. Thank you for your thoughts. It sparked some of the best memories of when my kids were small. Cuddle time on the couch, doing nothing but just belonging to each other. Even though my kids are no longer cuddling on the couch. They are pursuing their own directions in life. There are times when we talk on the phone, or in person, or we are just simply in the same room, that sense of knowing they belong to me and I to them and all of us to our Heavenly Father, radiates deep within my heart Thanks. again for sharing.


    • Yes, I think I’m much better at slowing down now with child number four since I see how fast it all goes. Our oldest is leaving for college in the fall and it just doesn’t seem possible. It all happened fast…like all the other mom’s with older children told me! So with Matt I take those moments I can and cuddle long!

      Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  4. Great perspective, Rachel. Be long as long as you can. Those days seem to have flown by me quickly. I’d love to experience that just one more day with my grown and nearly-grown children. Precious times. Thank you for sharing a snippet of your life today!


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