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Welcoming This New Year

Welcoming This New Year

Welcome friends, How are you in this New Year? My inbox and social media feed are packed with people reflecting on this last year. We’re pretty much in agreement about saying good-bye to a year we’d rather not repeat. At the end of each year I read over my journals from the year and reflect … Continue reading

One Word for 2015

It’s now 2015 and a new calendar has begun.  It’s a blank slate with potential for new roads and new directions.  It’s a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. I’ve always loved the new year.  I’m looking and planning in new directions that before I have written off as out of reach or beyond my capabilities yet with this … Continue reading

A Look Back on 2014

By the time Christmas is over and all the clean-up is done from the holidays, I’m really ready to start again and get life back to a normal routine. While preparing for next year, I was looking back through this past year and reading through the journey of this blog. I was thinking of sharing the … Continue reading

One Word ~ What’s Yours?

It’s hard for me to believe last Wednesday was New Years Day. Does anyone else feel like that was forever ago…like at least 2 weeks, not 8 days ago? Yet here we are in this new year. One thing this new year has brought is this crazy idea of weight loss.  At this point, I … Continue reading