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Here Goes…A Week and A Year

It’s New Year’s Eve and the wind is blowing hard and cold.  It’s a day to hunker down and enjoy the warmth of inside but grocery shopping pulled me out and those hungry birds outside needed food in their feeders. I can’t complain since I spent the time after our Christmas Eve service until Friday … Continue reading

Merry Christmas Greetings

Here it is Christmas Eve and the stockings are hung with a walking stick, nails, and ribbon…along with some care.  I’m glad I like it because it took a whole lot of something to get them all up there! The cards and packages are mailed; presents are almost all wrapped; cupboards, frig and freezer full; and the house is filled with … Continue reading

Filling Up the House and Loving It

A jumble of baking, cleaning and preparing are happening in this household.  Family and friends are coming over tomorrow for a full day of feasting on that all-American meal of turkey, stuffing, yams, potatoes and cranberries. I love Thanksgiving.  The aromas filling the house make for warm memories of past family and friend gatherings. In … Continue reading

Photos, Deadlines, and Dandelions

My friend, Kay, often says:  “There’s nothing like a deadline to get ya moving!” Christmas is a deadline….and a Family Christmas photo is another deadline all together! We’ve been one of those families that waits until the last possible moment to take those precious, organized, and clothes-coordinated family photos.  I lay out the clothes, get the kids all-done-up and pose somewhere … Continue reading

Lessons From Mama

My mama taught me, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” I guess in this incidence, I followed her advice, at least in the verbal sense.  Nothing exited my lips.  However, I did communicate. My mama had a way with her looks as well.  She could communicate with her eyes. The narrowing and piercing stare had … Continue reading

Exiting the Expressway

This expressway is exhausting. Overflowing schedules of events and activities run into more appointments and meetings.  Life becomes an expressway of bumper to bumper, life-packed, overcrowded, backed-up traffic jam.  The days fill up and empty me out.  Night comes and my head hits the pillow with a thud. Dropping off one kid to pick up another…running … Continue reading

For The Weekend

There’s an autumn chill in the air with leaves turning and flowers fading. I love this time of year.  It calls me to tidy everything for winter, pile books for reading in the evenings and get out candles to warm the air.  It’s also harvest time; gathering in all we have grown through the summer…cooking, canning, preserving and … Continue reading