For The Weekend

There’s an autumn chill in the air with leaves turning and flowers fading.

I love this time of year.  It calls me to tidy everything for winter, pile books for reading in the evenings and get out candles to warm the air.  It’s also harvest time; gathering in all we have grown through the summer…cooking, canning, preserving and freezing!

Yesterday, we harvested all the apples off our McIntosh tree.  This has been our largest harvest from our one small tree!

We made applesauce yesterday and today’s agenda includes apple butter, more applesauce and prepping/freezing apples for pies and apple crisp.  YUM!

apple harvest

For some of my readers, this blog is the only one they read just because they are new to this whole blogging world and that’s great!!  So I thought I would share a few links to some of my favorite blogs.  If you click on the highlighted lettering below, it will take you right to the blog entry I’m sharing.

Ann Voskamp:  A Holy Experience –  I love this lady and her heart.  She’s a fellow homeschooling mom and great Canadian.  In this post, she shares about letting her first boy head off into the great big world of college.  We are not there yet, but our Samantha will be there soon.  This is her final year of high school and my heart already aches and tears fill my eyes just thinking about it.

Michael Hyatt: How to Find the Time… – I shared this one on my Facebook page but I’m a sucker for time management and a goal setting/reaching life. Many of our failures rest in our own doing…or not doing!

Sue Duffield: Take Time to Poofread –  This brought a real smile to my face.  As we are getting ready to head into another year of school, I had the kids read this post…Wow, did they have difficulty when they reached the last paragraph.  It almost made their teeth grind it was that irritating to their correct grammar/spelling life!  I’m glad I have taught them well!  Thanks for the laugh, Sue!

Praying you all have a great weekend!  Take time to enjoy love, friendship and Sabbath-rest!

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