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I’m proficient in procrastination

I’m proficient in procrastination

I’m finally sitting down to write. It’s pathetic to be sure. If you could look in last year’s blog post record you would see all kinds of drafts.  Posts started yet not completed.  That statement pretty much sums up 2018. My kids still comment on my kitchen wall because see… I have this small corner … Continue reading

Lining Up with Truth

I’m a natural pessimist. If something could go wrong in my world…it happens in my mind before it’s reality. I’m the one, who while waiting for my friend for our breakfast date, will see an ambulance zoom by with lights flashing and sirens blaring and I’m sure my friend is dead in the ditch. I begin lamenting … Continue reading

For The Weekend

There’s an autumn chill in the air with leaves turning and flowers fading. I love this time of year.  It calls me to tidy everything for winter, pile books for reading in the evenings and get out candles to warm the air.  It’s also harvest time; gathering in all we have grown through the summer…cooking, canning, preserving and … Continue reading