I’m proficient in procrastination

I’m finally sitting down to write.

It’s pathetic to be sure.

If you could look in last year’s blog post record you would see all kinds of drafts.  Posts started yet not completed.  That statement pretty much sums up 2018.

My kids still comment on my kitchen wall because see… I have this small corner nook with a partial statement over one window that says: “Remember, as far as anyone knows…” And then around the corner and above the other window the statement continues: “We are a nice, normal family.”  

My whole intention with this statement was to tie the window statements together with a mish-mash of black and white framed photos of my family in crazy, fun poses.

Well, it’s been 3 years and the statement hangs there with no photos printed nor hung on the wall.

A project started yet not completed.

I tell myself it’s a work in progress.

As a staff, we have started something new this year — Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner.  When implemented and followed it’s suppose to help me with focus and project management. Results should show started projects completed.

Well, I’m 9 days in and it’s a struggle.

I’m really good at putting things on the daily task list but not so good at checking things off as “completed”.

I’m learning that I’m easily distracted. I’m proficient in procrastination. 

Dishes in the sink or clothes on the floor easily pull me toward cleaning those things up before tackling the task listed in my planner.  I can piddle around all day and have nothing to show for my hours except a clean orderly house and dinner on the table.  Some might say, I would love to have that happen!!

Okay. I’m not complaining, just observing that piddling away doesn’t get big, hairy, audacious goals of life completed.

Writing is one of my big, hairy audacious goals.

My close friends know I have talked about it for years.

But the years go by and I’m not any closer to checking that writing box on the task list because I let the piddling of life and proficient procrastination drive the day.

All the Type-A people and D personalities are out there asking: “So what are you going to do about it?”

Well, you would ask, wouldn’t you? — You’re wanting some concrete plan and action steps written out for me to see this goal happen.

According to Michael Hyatt, I need to make SMARTER goals to see anything happen. So I’m laying it out here for you. I figure by posting it here, I’m somewhat accountable to you since you’re going to know if I accomplish it or not. (Eek… I don’t know how I feel about that!)  But here it is:

Goal: Publish 2 blog posts a week. (Mon & Wed) through the 1st quarter of the year.

  • S: Specific – Published blog posts – that means they must land in your inbox not stay as drafts in my box.
  • M: Measurable – 2 per week (Mon/Wed) –
  • A: Action Required – I must write consistently to have this happen.
  • R: Risky – Some might not think this is risky but for me this will stretch me and my time management.
  • T: Time Sensitive –  It must have a deadline. (Two published posts a week for the 1st Quarter of the year – until April 1)
  • E: Exciting – This doesn’t really sound exciting but if I pull this off it will be invigorating and give me that “Can Do” push!
  • R: Relevant – If I want to be a writer, I have to write. It’s as simple as that. This space does that.

There ya go!

Now let’s see if I do it!

Oh, and adding to this SMARTER goal, Michael says I should reward myself with a big win. (I’m all about reward/gifts for myself!) I should decide how I will celebrate once I achieve this goal. My reward… a new comfy, upholstered chair for my writing desk.

So there we go. It’s all laid out for me… and for you!  I’m actually giving you permission that if a blog post doesn’t land in your inbox Monday and Wednesday… call me out!

Deadlines and people knowing if I did it or not keep me focused. (That’s something else I’m learning about this procrastination trait of mine.)

So jump in the conversation below. I would love to hear what you think.  Tell me…. do you have any goals you’re reaching for this year?

See you Monday, friend!

2 thoughts on “I’m proficient in procrastination

  1. I was wondering when I was going to hear from you again, cousin. Our wonderful “family” trait. I’m right there with you. My word for this year persevere. Praying we both do better in 2019.

    Liked by 1 person

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