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I’m proficient in procrastination

I’m proficient in procrastination

I’m finally sitting down to write. It’s pathetic to be sure. If you could look in last year’s blog post record you would see all kinds of drafts.  Posts started yet not completed.  That statement pretty much sums up 2018. My kids still comment on my kitchen wall because see… I have this small corner … Continue reading

When I Messed Up and Missed Out

After days of continually going, I finally cleaned out my bag. That bag is where everything gets jammed in for the day.  It’s a catch-all, hold-all and hope-I-don’t-forget bag.  It’s often my heavy-laden companion throughout the day. As I sat down to unload and clean out the bag to reload again. I made a quick sweep across the bottom … Continue reading

As They Leave Home and We Say Goodbye

So last week, I said, “goodbye” to our oldest daughter again. It’s that time of year, when we send our kids off to college and wonder again, “How did this go so fast?” Her flight wasn’t leaving until 5 in the evening so my whole day was just one long goodbye feeling.  I knew it … Continue reading