How Are You Showing Up?

Hey friends,

Some days are just exhausting, right?

This last year has been turned upside down and inside out. We have had this collective exhaustion of things being thrown at us.

I picture it being some what like an automatic ball server. At first I could catch the ball being thrown my way. I tossed it into the appropriate bucket for reloading later. But then the speed of the pitches increased and the intensity, anxiety and pressure to catch it all and deal with it appropriately has become too much. Instead of catching what was thrown at me I found myself blocking my face and crouching down to avoid as many pitches as possible. It’s an exhausting way to manage what’s being thrown our way.

In this new year, I’ve decided not to play that game anymore.

I’m putting my glove down and walking off the field of chaos. Cause guess what? I don’t have to play their game. I don’t have to catch what’s being thrown; place it in the appropriate bucket and look to catch the next thing. I don’t have to play. And neither do you!

We get to choose what we do with our days.

Walking off the field of chaos and choosing a different game for life is a great option.

I was listening to a podcast this week by Dr. Edie Wadsworth and she asked an important question, “How are you showing up for your life?” And that got me thinking:

  • What field am I playing in?
  • Am I allowing myself to be bombarded by the news and current events of the day?
  • Am I happy with that choice?
  • Am I living on purpose and with a plan?
  • Is the game I’m playing bringing joy or exhaustion to my heart?
  • How am I showing up for my life?

And that’s when I was reminded – we have choices. We can choose how we live. We have more control over our lives than we give ourselves credit for. We do! And how we show up for our lives everyday either brings energy and motivation to our beings or exhaustion, worry and anxiety.

A quote I have been mulling over is by George Herbert: “Living well is the best revenge.” I’m not out for revenge in a spiteful sort of way. But one definition for revenge is ‘an opportunity to gain satisfaction.’ I imagine myself standing in the field, laying down my glove and walking off the field of chaos. This imagery helps me put back in perspective what I have control over. I can’t control the actions of others but I can choose to live my own best life and work toward helping others live their best life.

So how do we show up well for our lives? In this season, this is how I’m doing it…

  • Beginning my day with stretching and soft music. (Putting the news, emails and social media off until later)
  • Enjoying coffee and quiet time. (Reading my Bible, praying and journaling helps me gain good perspective for the day ahead.)
  • Writing down the plan and objectives for the day. (A schedule defends from chaos and whim. It is a net for catching days. ~ Annie Dillard)
  • Living with intentionality and purpose (Here’s where we are directing the ball not juggling or dodging what’s thrown at us.)
  • Giving myself time – schedule a gift for yourself each day… time outside away from noise… a nap… good reading, craft or hobby… a cup of tea… relaxing entertainment even if it’s just 30 minutes.

Show up for yourself and your life! I don’t want to you to just get by everyday, live exhausted and never catch up. So let’s encourage each other. Let’s not allow chaos and the out-of-control actions of others control our emotions and actions. Let’s choose a different game. Let’s show up for our own game and make the win happen for our lives and those we love.

How are you changing things up in this year? I’d love to hear. Leave a comment below and join the conversation.

For more encouragement click on this link to listen to Dr. Edie on her perspective in showing up for your life.

Have a great week, friends!


2 thoughts on “How Are You Showing Up?

  1. As I read this, Rachel, I feel your need for quiet. And I share it. There’s too much coming at us and if we try to frantically deal with it all, we’ll chase our tails. I love that you’re setting strong intentions and sticking to them!

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