Merry Christmas Greetings

Here it is Christmas Eve and the stockings are hung with a walking stick, nails, and ribbon…along with some care.  I’m glad I like it because it took a whole lot of something to get them all up there!


The cards and packages are mailed; presents are almost all wrapped; cupboards, frig and freezer full; and the house is filled with ones I love…  I couldn’t want for more.

The days have been filled with decorating, baking, preparing and shopping.  It’s all done and now it’s time to just relax, reflect, ponder and dream.

A personal tradition of mine is spending the week between Christmas and the New Year relaxing in my new Christmas jammies… diving into the pile of books next to my bed… watching great movies with the fam… and most of all reflecting and dreaming.

Reflecting on this past year….thankful for what has happened.

And dreaming, praying and goal-setting for the coming year.

So I end this year of blogging by sending Merry Christmas Greetings from our family to yours.  May you all have a wonderful Christmas, celebrating His coming with family and friends!

Christmas photo2

Thank you for sharing this year with me as we travel along Tripping Over Typeset yet still Walking in His Grace.

Love to you all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Greetings

  1. What would we do without His matchless grace that is manifested…whether we’re looking or not. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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