Filling Up the House and Loving It

A jumble of baking, cleaning and preparing are happening in this household.  Family and friends are coming over tomorrow for a full day of feasting on that all-American meal of turkey, stuffing, yams, potatoes and cranberries.

I love Thanksgiving.  The aromas filling the house make for warm memories of past family and friend gatherings.

In earlier years, I stressed over having a spotless house, beautiful table settings, and dishes prepared and served effortlessly while everyone enjoyed each others company in perfect harmony.

But after a few years of not obtaining all that, I look back and realize those aren’t the things I remember from those days anyways.  Instead, it’s the moments of

  • cutting the bottoms off of each crispy, black, burnt bun
  • dropping the ham and retrieving it back onto the platter before anyone noticed
  • young girl cousins adding sparkles to their hair by dumping a whole bottle of glitter over their heads
  • boys crying over video games while the girls cry over Audrey Hepburn movies
  • playing endless board games and not realizing all of our house guests were going to be snowed in for an unexpected overnight stay. {Glad I stocked up during that toothbrush sale.}
  • and most of all, the fun of having family and friends fill our lives and home.

So even as we prepare again this year.  I’m excited to have every nook and cranny of this house bustling with people and all of us spilling over each other as we partake of God’s bounty for another year.  Because as crazy as it seems in the moment, I miss them all when they leave and it’s quiet again.

It’s not about the perfect table setting or the spotless, clean house that makes the holiday special but it’s the moments of real life; moments of giving thanks and cherishing the ones who come and fill our hearts and homes with their presence.

Join the conversation:  I’d love to hear one of your favorite holiday memories?

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  I pray you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating with those you love.

4 thoughts on “Filling Up the House and Loving It

  1. This year I am just greatful to be hear and be praising the Lord for another day. Going to church tonight with Ron and Worshiping with all I have in me. Then tomorrow lunch with my mother and dinner tomorrow evening
    with Curtis, Toya, and Steve. God bless you all and have a great day.


  2. I am excited to have another year with my girls as honorary Cawards (and whatever Barb’s maiden name was). Many more people this year, than our first time but instead of being intimidated I feel blessed and ever so thankful to have a family to share with.


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