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The Day After the Big Bird

We have now eaten the big bird….not THE Big Bird but we definitely enjoyed the 23 pounder cooked in our oven. It’s amazing how that smell of warm turkey basting in the oven with all its seasonings, carrots, onions and celery brings memories of past holidays.  I remember waking as a young girl on Thanksgiving morning and … Continue reading

Filling Up the House and Loving It

A jumble of baking, cleaning and preparing are happening in this household.  Family and friends are coming over tomorrow for a full day of feasting on that all-American meal of turkey, stuffing, yams, potatoes and cranberries. I love Thanksgiving.  The aromas filling the house make for warm memories of past family and friend gatherings. In … Continue reading

Symbols of Thanksgiving

Of all the seasons, autumn is my favorite.  The colors of the leaves, the pumpkins and mums, the warmth of bonfires and hot cocoa, the fun of football and hay rides… all wrapped up in this season called autumn. One of my favorite parts of this whole season is Thanksgiving Day.  I love the decorating, the baking, the … Continue reading

Adjusting to the Chaos

While ripping away at the weeds in my cobblestone path, I unknowingly ripped out an ant hill. The “unknowingly” part was short-lived as they began crawling between my toes and up my legs. I had disturbed their cosmos; and in return, I began the “ant” dance to rid my feet and legs of their search for … Continue reading