The Day After the Big Bird

We have now eaten the big bird….not THE Big Bird but we definitely enjoyed the 23 pounder cooked in our oven.

It’s amazing how that smell of warm turkey basting in the oven with all its seasonings, carrots, onions and celery brings memories of past holidays.  I remember waking as a young girl on Thanksgiving morning and thinking, “Yay!  It’s turkey time!”  And then again as a college student coming home and waking to the house filled with the hustle and bustle of family coming in and the smells wafting up from the kitchen.  It’s like breathing in home!

Yesterday was almost like all that except for missing two important elements.  One being that every Thanksgiving morning since the beginning of time…at least the beginning of my time…I have watched the Macy’s Day parade.  My favorite part being the Rockette’s.  All things stop in my household when they strap on their tiny stiletto’s and step in front of the Macy’s store in downtown NY and put on their high kick!

There was just one problem with that yesterday.  We had forgotten we no longer have cable.  Yes, that shows how important it is in our lives.  We actually forgot we DON’T have it!  We cancelled it this spring because truthfully, we never…as in very rarely ever watched anything on it.  We simply clicked over to Netflix or watched DVD’s.

We finally decided to get rid of it and we weren’t really missing it until this last Wednesday night as we sat around the dinner table talking about the plans of Thanksgiving morning.

“…and we’ll watch the Macy’s Day parade!!!!”  Oh, wait….we don’t have cable.

I think this was the first time since we cancelled the cable that we actually thought about the loss of such an invalid part of our existence.

We did learn the parade was streamed on the internet but, alas, we didn’t even do that.  I guess, the time for that significant tradition has passed for us as well.

As for our Thanksgiving, we had a fabulous day.  It was full of family coming from Ohio, faithful friends from right here and new friends from around the world….literally!

Because we live in a university town, people come from all over to study and learn.  Some of which are too far from home to go home for the holiday.  And because Dave and I have experienced living away from family almost our entire married life, we spread wide the table of thanksgiving and invite the world in.

Wonderful people from Ohio, New York, Montana, Texas, Colombia and Iran all set around our table(s) yesterday. Our lives are fuller from the conversations and fun this day held for us.

Just for those wondering, we did do the whole disposable plates and cups thing.  It was a beautiful addition for calming the chaos!  We knocked out those dinner dishes in no time.  We also cooked most of the meal in metal, foil pans which we folded and threw away at the end of the day!  This is a tradition to keep!

One of the highlights was this beautiful turkey made by my friend, Cheryl.  I just love the little turkey legs!  Gobble, gobble!


Another highlight was the after dinner snowball fight.

There’s nothing like watching a bunch of grown ups pack snowballs and launch them across the yard at one another with some face smacks and head thumping.  I will say, this morning my house holds some sore bodies.  Not naming names but you know who you are!

snow fight 1n snow fight 4n

Another element missing from our table was our beautiful Samantha.  It saddens the heart of this mama to not have her home for the holidays.  Yet I’m so grateful for the seeds we have planted in having others in our home because again God has shown Himself faithful in providing a wonderful home for Sam to be in for her holidays away.  Thank you, Danika and family!

This mama is also so very grateful for Skype!  What a great way to see and connect with those far away!  We now count down the days until Christmas break!

The leftovers from that big bird are put away until lunch rolls around and the leftover feast begins.

Today as we recover from the fun-filled day of stuffing ourselves with yummy goodness, we again reflect on all the blessings He has given and I am thankful for each one of you who makes my life richer and fuller.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Do you have any great stories from your day?  We would love to hear them!

12 thoughts on “The Day After the Big Bird

  1. We are having a delayed Thanksgiving dinner today. Our son, who usually hosts the family in the Conti family home in which he now lives with his family, lost power Wednesday evening due to our first major snowstorm of the season. It didn’t come back on until this morning. So, today we are literally crossing the river (the Hudson) to go to Grandmother’s (now son’s) house for turkey dinner. But we are thankful every day for the blessings of the Lord.

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  2. Looks like a beautiful Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing a bit of your day with us, Rachel. We don’t have cable either, and no, we don’t miss it. 😉 We got a lot of snow here too and my six-year-old, after sledding down the hill in our front yard goes, “This is the best day ever!” 🙂

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    • That is so great! Making memories with the little guy!

      I remember when I was small we had a hill one block over that we use to ride sleds down. I go back now to my home town and I think what happened to that HUGE hill we used to slide down…. I guess I just grew bigger! Amazing how wonderful and simple things are when we are young…It’s a beautiful thing to capture and hold on to!

      Thanks for sharing, Abby! Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. I love the easy dishes and the snowball fight! Lovely ideas, both. I was able to share dessert with my friend who is just finishing chemo. And then play silly board games. Which, this year, was a blessing as we look to her upcoming surgery to end the year cancer-free. Not quite Norman Rockwell but it was beautiful in its own way:).

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  4. I have to tell you that you would have been very proud of your little sister. She put out a spread for 6 adults and the 3 little ones that was awesome. She made your mother’s stuffing and bumped it a notch with fresh cranberries. OH MY GOODNESS. It was great and the turkey. Well I could go on forever, but everything was just tooooooo good. She is going to the head of my list for starting a new tradition in the Green family. When She brought out that bowl of milk infused with onions, celery, and garlic; I thought to myself what on earth is she doing. The out come was WOW. We had a great time and a great day and ended it with an old western called “SHANE”. Had not seen that one since I was a very young girl.

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