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Happy Birthday, Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom

Grief comes in waves. It’s foolish to think I can make it through January without tears. It’s been 15 years since my mother died.  January 18 was her last day on earth. As the sun was rising, He came and escorted her home. I remember the day with precision and clarity. I remember the room… … Continue reading

Unwrapping 43

Last week, I celebrated the Big 43.  I remember when I turned 28 for 4 years in a row.  For some reason, the age number bothered me then, but now, not so much.  It’s just a number that counts the years I’ve lived, not how young or old I feel. So to celebrate, I planned … Continue reading

The Iron Man Gift of Love

For a while now, Matt has been informing me of his desire to be Iron Man.  He’s in that stage of pretend; everything is real— from cooking meals in his pretend kitchen to driving spaceships through the sky.  Wanting to be Iron Man is just one more desire in the land of pretend. Last week, Emily and I … Continue reading