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Have you ever had a morning like this?

Have you ever had one of the frustrating mornings where everything is annoying?  Well I had one today! I was sleeping all snug in my bed with dreams of sugar plums dancing… there were no sugar plums. I was having this dream about church and for those in the ministry you know those are our favorite … Continue reading

Four Steps to Lighten the Load for Summer

There’s a game I always lose. It’s that dreaded purse game. You know the one where you’re at some ladies event and they hand you a list of crazy insane items you get points for if you’re carrying them in your purse. Items like…. Cell phone, wallet, gum/mint, keys. Those are easy scores… but then … Continue reading

Should a Pastor invite parishioners into their home?

“Should a Pastor invite parishioners over to their home?” I was asked that question while on a women’s ministry panel last week. My 30 second response time brought out the quick answer of “Absolutely!” Which in hindsight was possibly very discouraging to the one who texted in that question to the panel. My quick answer possibly … Continue reading