Have you ever had a morning like this?

Have you ever had one of the frustrating mornings where everything is annoying?  Well I had one today!

I was sleeping all snug in my bed with dreams of sugar plums dancing… there were no sugar plums.

I was having this dream about church and for those in the ministry you know those are our favorite kind! I was dreaming I had kids church because the teacher assigned didn’t show up. I knew the lesson but had nothing else prepared. I had a ton of kids with no helper in sight.

My dream jumped to after church. All the people were gone and I was packing up my stuff when my hubby walked in with the phone and said, “Would you like to talk with her?” and passed it off to me.

The person on the phone would not get to the point! They just kept talking slow with this southern drawl and I wanted to yell…. “What’s your point?”

But instead the phone rang again…. in real life! My real phone was ringing next to my real bed in my real world. I reached over to say in my sweetest, cheeriest morning voice, “Hello…. Hello?” Followed by a few clicks and then the words, “Hello, I am calling from….”

Seriously… a telemarketer… at this time of the morning!!

Telemarketers are annoying at any time but at this moment I wanted to whip out my favorite “Good Morning Proverb”

A loud and cheerful greeting early in the morning will be taken as a curse! ~ Proverbs 27:14

My frustration level was rising and I wasn’t even out of bed!

Ever had a morning like this?

new morning

I think we’ve all had those moments when our day doesn’t begin the way we would like and our annoyance level has risen higher than where the sun is sitting.

I have found on mornings like these it’s best to drink my coffee slowly, huddle down in the corner and whisper, “There’s no place like home… there’s no place like home!”

It doesn’t really help but it gets some good attention from the kids and hubby who think I’ve completely lost it.

Some days we do feel like losing it.  Yet here’s the REAL TRUTH in it all…

  • Every morning holds new promise and a new beginning
  • In everything you face today, God is with you.
  • His strength is made perfect in your weakness.

God’s loyal love hasn’t run out. His merciful love hasn’t dried up. They’re created new every morning. And His faithfulness is great!

We say it over and over… I’m sticking with God” 

He is the One who gets us through those days when frustrations rise and we feel at our end.

We change our focus from us to Him and remind ourselves again and again… “I’m sticking with God.”

O my soul, bless God. From head to toe, I’ll bless his holy name!  O my soul, bless God.  Don’t forget a single blessing! (Psalm 103~ The Message)

We can’t always choose our circumstances but we can always choose the way we’ll get through those circumstances. Choose the good and see His rich blessings for you today!

Happy Friday to you all…Have a great weekend!

Jump into the conversation:

  • How do you handle those tough mornings?
  • What’s your favorite verse to get you through?
  • What’s your favorite memory of a crazy morning like this and how did you get through?

(We’re linking up with the Five Minute Friday gang over here if you’d like to join us.)  Our word prompt today is: RISE

11 thoughts on “Have you ever had a morning like this?

  1. Love the Proverbs passage; that’s a new one to me!!
    The passage that gets me through when the chaos is building is Ps 46:10 ~ stilling myself for a moment and breathing helps me get a handle on my stress level.

    Thank you for beautiful words!


  2. Fun post, Rachel. 🙂 Yes, I’ve had THOSE kinds of mornings. Usually the emphasis on “those” is triggered by boy ‘tudes early in the day. When I have those kinds of mornings, I find I need time to just cool down, get a little distance from the emotion and spend some time with Jesus. That helps restore my perspective.

    But telemarketers THAT early in the morning? That would probably set me off too. 🙂
    Have a beautiful weekend!


    • Great ideas! Yes, distance is good! I have a large empty field behind my house and whenever I need some distance that is a beautiful and quiet place to grab some peace and perspective! Thanks for jumping in! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  3. Indeed, I too am very grateful that His grace and love are new each day…as someone who is definitely not a morning person, I need it! I also appreciate remembering that no matter how badly we behave — or how close we think we are to losing it! — that He will never leave nor forsake us!


  4. Frustrating mornings are the worse. And then for a telemarketer to call on top…how annoying. Working at a church those dreams are no fun. Glad that they often are just dreams. Have a great weekend!


  5. “God’s loyal love hasn’t run out. His merciful love hasn’t dried up.”

    Amen! Amen! Amen! This is something that God is drawing me back to these days. He is and has more than enough for me.

    P.S. – I’ve read that Proverb but never “seen” it. Hilarious and so true!


    • I try not to let my morning define my day. I trust God and do the next thing. Sometimes I go for an early ride or swim to shake the crazy morning. Music sometimes helps also. Whatever works to begin to refocus and reframe. All my way acknowledge Him… Or Be still and know are two scriptures that help me refocus.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Great encouragement, Robin! Yes, I agree… refocusing and reframing are both very positive things to do! Those are two of my favorite scriptures as well… Prov. 3:5-6 and being still! Good words… thanks for jumping in and sharing! Have a great weekend!


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