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When It’s Dark and You Need Light

When It’s Dark and You Need Light

Hello friends, I somehow like to begin my posts to you with this greeting. It puts me in the mindset that I’m not just putting words out there into the great internet world but instead I’m talking to you. You are more stable. You are more interesting. And you are who I’m talking to. It’s … Continue reading

Have you ever had a morning like this?

Have you ever had one of the frustrating mornings where everything is annoying?  Well I had one today! I was sleeping all snug in my bed with dreams of sugar plums dancing… there were no sugar plums. I was having this dream about church and for those in the ministry you know those are our favorite … Continue reading

Another Trip Around the Sun

I’ve made another trip around the sun. Little Matthew pointed out I’m now the same number. — “4 and 4….how cool is that, Mommy?” I’ve also reached a ½ way mark in my life. My years with Dave are now more than my years without him. We’ve been together for more than ½ my life. … Continue reading